Oct 25, 2018

Terrorizer (2018) Caustic Attack 'Review'

Band: Terrorizer
Country of Origin: United States
Genre: Grindcore
Type: Full Length
Format: CD
Length Approx.: 44:00 min.
Release Date10-12-2018
Release Label: The End Records 

IR Classification: Good (3.7 / 5)

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Caustic Attack offers a very good display of quality and power.

Legendary grindcore masters Terrorizer didn't want to end the year without putting out their most recent released, which has been titled "Caustic Attack" the CD version contains fourteen tracks filled with the most intense and brutal grindcore that the band could put out together, as many of you already know this is the third reincarnation of the band leaded by sole original member Pete Sandoval behind the drums, Lee Harrison on guitars, Sam Molina on bass and vocals, the album was released through the American label The End Records.

Undeniably "World Downfall" was, is and it will probably be the pinnacle of Terrorizer career, for every fan of the genre this album is iconic and a must have to listen, while the later albums "Darker Days Ahead" and "Hordes of Zombies" released back in 2006 and 2012 respectively, both albums were severely criticized by the media and fans in general were disappointed; However this album vindicates in some way the reputation of the band. The first track "Turbulence" delivers a master lesson by Sandoval with a vertiginous pummeling drumming, it's followed by the belligerent "Invasion" keeping the same pace as the previous track, these guys are not lenient and "Conflict and Despair" slows down the pace, but still brutal, "Crisis" is another outstanding track full of violence throwing guts out everywhere. the album offers plenty ideas that bring to fruition "Trench of Corruption" more elaborated, fast and filthy, "Caustic Attack" is a straightforward carnage, alike the old school grindcore.

In general, this album is very well balanced from beginning to end and offers a very good display of quality and power; Terrorizer is finally approaching a step near "World Downfall" in terms of composition, according to me "Caustic Attack" is gratifying; So, don't let the time run out and enjoy it.

Stay True… Stay Metal… Stay Brutal…

Track List:

01. Turbulence │ 02. Invasion │ 03. Conflict and Despair │ 04. Devastate │ 05. Crisis │ 06. Infiltration │ 07. The Downtrodden │ 08. Trench of Corruption │ 09. Sharp Knives │ 10. Failed Assassin │ 11. Caustic Attack │ 12. Poison Gas Tsunami │ 13. Terror Cycles │ 14. Wasteland

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