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 Nov 10, 2017 

Hi! everyone, I just want to let you know Insanity Remains is resuming activities, after a long period of absence due to health and personal reasons. Everyone is welcome to help, if you like to review albums I will be more than happy to read them, also there are more features to come, please join me and let's have a good time or you just can pass by and say Hi! I will appreciate any input and support, Amazon and Ebay buttons will be added gradually on every post, so if you want to show me some support click them and buy using those links, as I mentioned before any resource will be directly invested in the site for the benefit of all, thank you in advance for your support!

 Feb 6, 2016 

Hi everyone, I just want to let you know Insanity Remains Awards 2015 (IRA 2015), voting is open and will last up to March 15, 2016.
Please take few minutes and help me out to pick what will represent the best of 2015, don't hesitate to add your own nominees for each category and enjoy remembering  what 2015 brought to us.
Please, click the yellow banner at the top left corner, to start voting you can follow this link or got to IRA 2015, thank you and hope to see you around.

 Jan 1, 2016 

Hi! everyone I have just add a new feature to the site "World Metal Fest Map" I have added almost 40 confirmed festivals around the world, please take a look and comment, thank you.

 Jan 1, 2016 

Hello all! I am excited to announce that it is time to review the full year to choose and offer you what in my opinion was the best of 2015, there were many albums I did not have the time to review during the year, but that does not mean they were not good enough to appear here at Insanity Remains, but this is a good time to recognize and you are invited to participate by casting your vote in our Insanity Remains Awards 2015 (IRA 2015), please, stay tuned and ready to help me out and choose who will be recognized, thank you and see you soon!

 Jan 1, 2016 

Hi guys! I just want to wish you a Happy New Year, the best wishes for you and have a wonderful 2016, hope to see you around soon! \m/

 Dec 24, 2015 

Hey guys! I want to take this opportunity to thank you all of you who have been visiting this blog during the last nine months, has been very exciting for me and I hope you have had a great time reading my publications, my best wishes for you during this season enjoy your family and best of all your Metal brotherhood who will always be there, Happy Holidays and have a Wonderful New Year

Stay True… Stay Metal… Stay Brutal...

 Nov 15, 2015 

I have been doing some important software updates, which required my attention, but I'm done with that and is time to resume activities here, so stay alert, more reviews are coming and some other features that I hope you will enjoy, thank's for your patience.

 Nov 04, 2015 

Hey! guys has been seven months since I started doing this and I know there is more to do, but to me is good to see that last Nov. 01, 2015 the site achieved its first milestone reaching over 1K visits, thank you all of you guys, who has been checking out the site, thank you again and please let me know what you think, hope to see you soon, have a good one!

 Aug 26, 2015 

Hey guys! I still working some fun polls for you, please share here, What is your favorite way to find new music, you might surprise how many people they do the same as you, enjoy it! see you later metalheads!!!

 Aug 25, 2015 

Hi! everybody, I want to let you know guys that you can vote for your favorite genre of metal, you can choose up to 3 genres, so what are you waiting for, follow the link to Polls and get some fun, see you around guys!!!

 Aug 11, 2015 

OK, I have finally figure out the version 1.0.0. of our F.A.Q., please feel free to visit it, you might find out the answers to your questions, but if you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us here, thank you. 

 Aug 04, 2015 
Hi! guys please enjoy our new feature "Listen our Review" available in English for the moment, thank you for visiting my place, your place

 Jul 01, 2015 

I'm please to announce that we have results to publish and the conqueror's in each category are: Insanity Remains Awards 2014

 Jun 14, 2015 

Poll is closed by midnight PST, hurry up! and cast your vote at:
results will be posted soon!

 Apr 05, 2015 

As everyone knows the year 2014 is over, of course that we are almost half a year through 2015, but we would like to take some time and remember all the good music that brought us last year and we want to hear your thoughts on the best albums of 2014, please take a moment and choose your nominees for each category, our survey will be open until June 14, 2015 don't forget...

Stay true... Stay metal... Stay brutal...

Please, click the yellow banner at the top left corner, to start voting or click on the link:

 Mar 30, 2015 

I'm pleased to announce our seal, so I hope this helps you to recognize us, I been working in the drawing for a while, hope you like it please let me know!

 Mar 23, 2015 

Welcome to Insanity Remains 'zine, finally the site is up and running, please check out the section About IR, thank you and enjoy the site.

 Mar 03, 2015 

Site Under Construction

Please, check back soon!!!