Q: Is this F.A.Q. page covers all the matters?

A: No! because I am sure that always, you will have something in mind to ask, so; feel free to ask using my Contact Us page.

Q: Can you make this F.A.Q. page more friendly?

A: I am not sure if that will happen soon, I'm sure that you will appreciate more content according to the nature of the site, rather than spending the time updating the F.A.Q., soon that happen an update will be published in the Site News page.

Q: When and how was Insanity Remains founded?

A: Insanity Remains was founded in Spring 2015 by Fernando, after a long time planning and only as a start point for what is coming ahead see our About IR page.

Q: How can I contribute to Insanity Remains?

A: There are many ways to do it, however there are a couple of things that are essential to help: (time, commitment, persistence, honesty, and patience) If you have this, please fill out our Contributor Application, we will get back to you soon as possible.

Q: Can I write for Insanity Remains?

A: Yes, as long as you have the qualities described in the above answer.

Q: Where can I submit my review?

A: First you have to join us as Contributor, or you can Contact Us to discuss the details.

Q: Do you check the reviews or do censorship to them?

A: I do not censor the reviews, I do respect the free speech, at the end is a merely opinion and should taken as it, but I do check grammar, punctuation, capitalization and diction, please refrain to criticize the band (image, attitude or reputation) they are out of context, of course these are aspects to point out and deserve to be criticized in a positive, creative and fair way, in the appropriate space, but such space doesn't exist or is not allowed here.

Q: How often do you post?

A: Considering that this is an independent publication and that one person is who directs, writes, edits and maintains this site, I could say that here is published with a constant frequency, not only reviews, also other parts of the site such as this.

Q: Do you review or listen to a specific genre?

A: No! I am very open minded to listen to all genres or sub genres of metal, I can't find any reason to limit myself to a single genre.

Q: How do you get your material for reviews?

A: Currently it comes from my personal collection, from time to time I borrowed my friends albums, but I think is better to begin asking to labels and bands their promos and press kits.

Q: What kind of recordings are you considering to review?

A: Demos, Full lengths, EP's, Splits and DVD's, I'm not going to review Live Albums, Compilations or Box sets, no further explanations and no exceptions.

Q: Are you willing to review our recording?

A: Yes, as long as it fit into any genre or sub genre of metal, must have to move my ideas, emotions or reactions, then I will most likely review it, but you have to stick strictly to my requirements these apply to labels and bands:

•Demos, DVD's & Splits: only if you send these physically with their press kit, I do not accept digital formats for this case, please Contact Us for more details.
•Full lengths & EP's in this case I can accept either of two options Cd/LP physically, or your mp3 format at 320 kbps in a ZIP or RAR file along with your press kit  or point me where to access to download it legally, please Contact Us for more details.

Please pay attention if you send me a link where you are streaming your recording or somewhere else to download it illegally, then; I will definitely not review it.
If you want your recording be reviewed prior to the release date, allow me to have your recording few weeks early, you know how it works, I don't have to teach you.

Q: Do you have a physical address to send our material?

A: Yes, however you will have to Contact Us before sending any material, so we can discuss the details.

Q: How do you prioritize the material to be reviewed?

A: If I don't have any request by labels or bands or suggestion by readers I will go through my personal collection.

Q: How do you post, prior to the release date or after the release date?

A: Usually after the release date, because I have to wait for my physical copy in the store, pre-order to arrive, or until is available in any major website distributor for legal download.
I can improve this, but I will need a little help from labels and bands, please Contact Us, to send me your recordings prior to the release date and I will work something out.

Q: How does the system rating work?

A: The rating system, to explain it in a very simple way; It represent my subjective opinion that I associate with a word or number, have you heard that quote that says "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" by Margaret Wolfe Hungerford, well this quote fits perfectly here, so read the complete review, listen to the album and form your own opinion, you may agree with me or you may not.

Q: What are the meanings of your rating scale: Excellent, Good, Moderate, Poor & Awful? 

A: The meanings are merely relative, the previous question, describes it, but for those who insist on each meanings, this is as clear as I can be:

Excellent: Outstanding quality, near perfect or perfect, unique blending of elements to fulfill your demand.
Good: Satisfactory quality, remarkable elements that exceed expectations, your time will be rewarded.
Moderate: Keep a reasonable quality of elements, neither good nor poor, might worth your time.
Poor: Deficient in desirable quality, lack of exceptional elements, you might find something better.
Awful: Unpleasant, uninspiring with total absence of elements to excel, does not worth spend your time, (Of course, it will be difficult for you to read any review of such rating here).

Q: Do you write reviews from old albums?

A: Currently no, but I would like to create a space for those classic albums that don't deserve to be forgotten as well to share my thoughts and opinion about them.

Q: Your reviews seems to be very positive, but what about negative reviews?

A: That's true for now, you have to take in consideration that this is a very new site, so; I'm sure there will be some constructive reviews in the near future, however you should understand this site is in pro-benefit of our favorite musical genre, once again a positive or constructive review falls into a merely subjective opinion, please don't quote my words as a fact.

Q: Do you get paid for positives reviews?

A: No! I do not get paid for it.

Q: Can you remove an article, review or comment from your site?

A: Of course not; I'm against removing any article, review or comment from my site, if I published something incorrect, I will be happy to correct it, make a statement, etc. But honestly I don't think I have to do it, because what I do is write a subjective criticism, if you like it good, if not I'm sorry for hurting your feelings, please find more about The First Amendment.
As far as comments, everyone is responsible for your own comments, I'm going to refrain from getting involved. 

Q: How can I report an error: (artist, album, songs, version, broken links, etc)?

A: You can use the Contact Us form, to report errors, contribute, inquire, request or anything else, we will appreciate any input, thank you.

Q: Do you review or plan to review an album more than once?

A: No, definitely no, that's a waste of time, there are many other albums which deserve time and space here in the site.

Q: Do you steal reviews from other websites?

A: No, I really take my time to compose my own reviews, but if you see an exact copy of any review from this site on any other website, then you should ask them if they did it.

Q: Can I quote your material or take material from here and publish it in my site?

A: Absolutely not, unless if I give you my written consent to do so, please Contact Us,  before you act, there are some requirements to do it:

•If you quote my words or copy any material from here, you have to give me a deserved credit, please you have to add the following in your post (date published, my name, my site and an active link back to Insanity Remains), no exceptions, I protect my work.

If you want to learn more about copyright visit this site: © Copyright.

Q: Do you infringe copyright?

A: No, I do practice the fair use, follow the link © Copyright to learn more, all material published in this site is, copyright © 2014 - 2018 Insanity Remains Webzine except where mentioned. All other information, band photos, logos, and cover art is copyrighted by their respective owners.

Q: Do you take donations?

A: Honestly no, what I am doing is because I like it, I don't see myself trying to rip off people, in the near future the site will have a store, you might want to buy something directly from me and support the site, I will appreciate it, however if you still insist to be kind, please Contact Us, I will put every donation towards albums to review or improve the site and you will have a special mention in our Site News, for your support.
For labels or bands when they send their material is not a donation, it is called a Fair Trade because you will receive in return a review for your material, but the audience will know your contribution too.

Q: Is the site appropriate for children under 13 years of age?

A: Insanity Remains doesn't consider this site suitable for children under 13 years, such children at that age are not an intended audience of this site, the site is available for children 13 years or older, however you must be at least 18 years older to continue using the site, If you are under 18 years but at least 13 years of age, you must notify to your parents or legal guardian about the use of this site, your continued use of the site constitute and declare that you are at least 13 years or older and your parents or legal guardian allowed you to use the site.

Q: Does your site have explicit content?

A: You may encounter some content that may be deemed offensive, indecent, or objectionable, which content may or may not be identified as having explicit language, continuing to use the site is at your sole risk and that Insanity Remains shall have no liability to you for such explicit content that may be found in the site, certain albums may be subject to the Recording Industry Association of America RIAA "Parental Advisory Explicit Content Label" as defined here the RIAA assigns the label to an album under their own discretion however, albums that were recorded prior to 1985 are not subject to the RIAA Parental Advisory Label.