Dec 31, 2015

Disterror (2015) Catharsis

Band: Disterror
Country of Origin: Mexico
Status: Active
Genre: Black Metal / Thrash metal / Crust
Type: Full Length
Format: CD
Length Approx.: 36:00 min.
Release Date: 08-30-2015
Current label: Akracia Records
Release label: Akracia Records

IR Classification: Good (3.9 / 5)

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Rabid crust infused with old school black metal

Sometimes it worth the time to dig here and there, looking for something new or at least something interesting, so; this is how I found this band Disterror, few months ago I realize that Cancun, Mexico doesn't have only some of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches but their cuisine, their culture and the Mayan heritage make this place a paradise for tourist from around the world, but the fact is, as elsewhere, the metal scene has grown slowly but steadily, there are many bands down there, unfortunately, I can only remember another band at this moment they are Rottenness with Disterror, I believe they represent the Caribbean metal wave.

Disterror was formed in mid 2011 by Romeo in bass and vocals, Salxy in guitars and Nelson behind the drums and vocals, a few months of being formed they released their first demo titled "Upcoming Warfare" which has a style more defined towards Crust Hardcore Punk, around 2012 the band suffered some line-up changes leading Salxy and Nelson to leave the band, So; Romeo has to take care of the guitar and vocals and bring over Edgar in bass and Gallo in the drums and vocals, after these changes the band released an EP titled "Live, Create, Destroy" in 2013 which redirect the band's original sound incorporating more Thrasher riff to their sound, in 2014 the band recorded a split with MDD and by mid 2015 Disterror surprises the world with the release of their first full length entitled "Catharsis" by Akracia Records, their current style falls into a mix of Crust Black Thrash metal, you probably won't be surprised by such definition, since is nothing new, but I can tell you, they are not rewriting the handbook how to add Crust to your Metal, they instead follow so close the old school, adding some twist in their own style, that might be the reason why they sound so freaking great!

The album opens with "Viva la Muerte" as the bells calls full of grief, Disterror unleashes what seems to be an unmerciful assault with no remorse, right after this cut it follows "Condemned to Survive" in my opinion the best track of the album it's fast, emotive, raging riff, the growling vocals are so aggressive and the bass sounds so raw and clear you can listening without any problem and by the end perfectly blended a Blackened metal passage, this one will make you headbang irremediably, "Gilgamesh" it becomes the longest track slightly over the eight minutes mark, It begins with subtle and dramatic conversation in Spanish that leads into a melodic, fast, brutal a hellish adventure, "Labyrinth" heavy rooted into the Swedish death metal fully harmonized, discover the versatility they are able to reach, "Catharsis" the self titled track, is a killer with its mixture of unrelenting Black Thrash riff and infectious Crust, ending with some Post-metal riff while the bells call out.

Disterror has revived those epic moments appealing to their influences Amebix, Deviated Instinct and Axegrinder to deliver a shiny pearl polished in their own style, "Catharsis" will ensure you a lethal dose of rabid Crust infused with an old school Black metal, there will not mistake or guilty feeling when you hit play and listen to them.

Stay True… Stay Metal… Stay Brutal...

Track List:

1. Viva la Muerte
2. Condemned to Survive
3. Out of Nothing
4. Raices
5. Gilgamesh
6. Labyrinth
7. Catharsis


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Dec 29, 2015

Armaga (2015) From Black Abyss

Band: Armaga
Country of Origin: Russia
Status: Active
Genre: Gothic Metal / Doom metal
Type: Full Length
Format: CD
Length Approx.: 47:00 min.
Release Date: 09-22-2015
Current label: Molot Records
Release label: Molot Records

IR Classification: Good (3.6 / 5)

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Symphonic dark metal meets with an overwhelming, decadent, dark ambiance

Armaga the Symphonic Gothic Doom metal band hailing from Moscow, Russia; they have been around since beginings of 2008, originally formed by guitarist Andrey Vasiunin and bassist Evgeniy Schetinov they recruited drummer Evgeniy Krishtal and vocalist Oleg Sobolevskiy, with this line-up they released the first two recordings; their debut album "In the Ruins" in 2009 and the second one titled "Dark Authority" in 2010, before their third effort was released came over some significative line-up, changes, taking over the drums Dmitriy Kovalyov and vocalist Sergey Morozov, so "Mystic" was released in 2012 and few months ago, their fourth full length titled "From Black Abyss" all of them under Molot Records, Armaga plays a unique style of Symphonic Dark metal as they describe themselves, the album contains eleven tracks of superb quality.

There is no doubt about this guys how they has matured through the years, "From Black Abyss" has become the most outstanding release to date, here you can appreciate a near perfect orchestration, riff that shatter the ice, a majestic bass and bombastic blast that linger in your memory for a while, everything here is well structured, every pace, every melody, every ambience created surpass the expectations.

The first track "Monarchy of Darkness" opens with a suitable orchestration that prevails along the cut, the riff are heavy while the harsh vocals blends perfectly, close the 2:30 mark is a cello interlude that fade away as the riff goes back, the following track "Silhouette" was their first single, this is one of the best not only for the riff but keep up with the intensity, the bass lines infused their own personality and Sergey Morozov delivers growls with such power, next is the self titled track "From Black Abyss" which it was built, with heavy grooves is energetic and fast, "Stronghold" reminds me the intensity of Dimmu Borgir at "Death Cult Armageddon" era, the Symphonic elements are precise and devastating as a preamble to the apocalypse, "Dust" was the second single that they promoted, every song has their own key on this track I might suggest the clarinet become essential for the instrumentation, "Athame" is the fastest piece of the album, demolishing drums and a piano melody, blast your speakers and the shrieking vocals battling over the growl vocals, while the ruthless riff tear apart any trace of compassion, the last track is "Moments" this is an instrumental track, with excellent piano section and violin to add an overwhelming, decadent and dark ambiance.

Despite their catchy melodies, the powerful riff and excellent orchestration, I am afraid to say that "From Black Abyss", is good by itself, but doesn't offer nothing that we haven't heard before, but if you are into Symphonic metal, you might want to check this out, it really worth the time to listen them, the production is clear enough to experience every instrument and that is something that really make this album stand out from the bunch of other albums.

Stay True… Stay Metal… Stay Brutal...

Track List:

1. Monarchy of Darkness
2. Silhouette
3. From Black Abyss
4. Fallen Duchess
5. Stronghold
6. Dust
7. Beast Inside
8. Old Man
9. Mysterious Island
10. Athame
11. Moments

Molot Records

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Dec 22, 2015

Hooded Menace (2015) Darkness Drips Forth

Band: Hooded Menace
Country of Origin: Finland
Status: Active
Genre: Death Metal / Doom metal
Type: Full Length
Format: CD
Length Approx.: 43:00 min.
Release Date: 10-30-2015
Current label: Relapse Records
Release label: Relapse Records

IR Classification: Good (4.0 / 5)

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A non stopping raw, morbid and macabre experience like no other

When it comes to talk about doom metal, come to your mind names like Candlemass, Cathedral or nowadays bands like Swallow the Sun and Novembers Doom, only to mention some bands within the genre, the truth is that there are lots of talented bands out there, while some are picked by their low frequency riff, some others are by their dispersed percussion and some by their slowly decaying solos and few ones by their exceptional capacity to blend all this elements and fusing with other genres, generating a brutal and extraordinary sound, Hooded Menace would represent properly my words and their latest album "Darkness Drips Forth" is a non stopping raw, morbid and macabre experience like no other.

Hooded Menace is currently integrated by Lasse Pyykkö in guitars and vocals, Pekka Koskelo in drums, Markus Makkonen in bass and Teemu Hannonen in rhythm guitar, "Darkness Drips Forth" was recorded and mixed by Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studios and recorded and mixed by Hooded Menace at Horrisound Studios, Mixed by Mikko Saastamoinen at Transistor Studios and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

"Darkness Drips Forth" come to be the fourth full length for the Finnish band and includes four tracks of immeasurable Death Doom metal, the opener track "Blood for the Burning Oath / Dungeons of the Disembodied" is quite long but is not boring they handle the pace perfectly going deeper into a funeral doom tunes and without any afraid, they speed up the pace in a subtle manner, with the appropriate dose of Death metal riff, the second track "Elysium of Dripping Death" it's simply unmerciful they were able to blend slow riff with superb melodies, forget how brutal it may sound, the sensation is most like, to the waves dragging your body into the sea, the growl vocals are impotent leaving you stranded in limbo, "Ashen with Solemn Decay" this cut unveils an outstanding guitar work and dive into a dronish passage, heavy melodies backed up for fine drum work and the powerful vocals make this track something to enjoy, "Beyond Deserted Flesh" is the closing track and it ends with a powerful roar while the drums keeps the intensity with the double bass drum, the guitar riff are darker and bizarre adding a vibe with shades of morbid evil that you will love.

There is not much to argue, Hooded Menace has achieved to bring together the somber of their sound with something more melodic, giving a new proportion to their catalog, "Darkness Drips Forth" is a fine album crafted meticulously, taking care of all elements that composes, it has everything you have been craving for so long.

Stay True… Stay Metal… Stay Brutal...

Track List:

1. Blood for the Burning Oath /
    Dungeons of the Disembodied
2. Elysium of Driping Death
3. Ashen with Solemn Decay
4. Beyond Deserted Flesh

Relapse Records

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Dec 9, 2015

Leaves' Eyes (2015) King of Kings

Band: Leaves' Eyes
Country of Origin: Germany
Status: Active
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Type: Full Length
Format: CD 
Length Approx.: 43:00 min.
Release Date: 09-11-2015
Current label: AFM Records
Release label: AFM Records

IR Classification: Excellent (4.6 / 5)

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"King of Kings" denotes a fascinating part of the Norse mythology with exuberance and pride

Leaves' Eyes the female fronted Symphonic metal band released their sixth album "King of Kings" a few months ago, but before we delve deep into this album is mandatory to do a background check, the band started around 2003 after the departure of Liv Kristine from her previous band Theatre of Tragedy and then the entire lineup of Atrocity joined forces with her to create the project Leaves' Eyes and today's one of the most respected bands within the sub genre.

"Lovelorn" their debut album was released back in 2004, "Vinland Saga" in 2005, "Njord" during 2009, "Meredead" in 2011 and "Symphonies of the Night" almost by the end of 2013, all of them under Austrian label Napalm Records, their latest album "King of Kings" was released by AFM Records, the album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Mastersound Studio in Steinheim, Germany; the current lineup is Liv Kristine in vocals, Alexander Krull in keyboards and backing vocals, Thorsten Baver in guitars, Joris Nijenhuis in drums and Pete Streit in guitar.

Leaves' Eyes is one of those few bands that time gives them skills and wisdom while song writing, blending perfectly heavy melodies and lyrical content, to project a solid idea of how it should sound Symphonic metal nowadays and the addition of Folk elements make it even bold, choruses to sing along and catchy riff throw the hooks to engage you in an Norse odyssey plagued of historical events brought back to life, "Kings of Kings" differ conceptually from its predecessor, "Symphonies of the Night" here they recall some of their classic albums such "Njord" or even "Vinland Saga", but distant by itself, due to the maturity gained through the years and I'm talking about them individually, because you have to keep in mind that Liv Kristine has been around since the early nineties and Atrocity since mid eighties, so there is plenty experience to pull out an album like "King of Kings"

"Sweven" opens the album, with a subtle folk intro that ends with a spoken section in Norwegian, "King of Kings" is rapidly linked with choruses coming from afar and suddenly Liv Kristine voice appears, melodic, sweet with her classic high pitch and Alexander Krull delivers deep growls to contrast, everything here sounds perfect, crushing guitar riff by Thorsten Baver complemented by Joris Nijenhuis with a solid drumming section, "Halvdan the Black" is the first single and sounds heavy, energetic and powerful along with the previous track immediately become epic ones of the album, "The Waking Eye" is the latest single of the album, here they stretch out and missing a little bit the Folk ambiance that predominated, but does not mean it's bad at all, it has heavy and catchy riff that characterize Leaves' Eyes, "Feast of the Year", "Vengeance Venom" and the last track "Swords in Rock", are played with a single structure but the Folk parts induced, highlights each one in a unique manner, "Sacred Vow" speeds up being the fastest track of the album, blasting drums and choruses exceptional by the choir ensemble London Voices, "Edge of Steel" featuring Simone Simons from Epica, offers an extraordinary orchestration, sharp riff and stunning drums the battling vocals between Simone with her angelic voice and low growls of Alexander is amazing, "Haraldskvæði" is a Folk ballad based in a Norwegian poem dated of the 9th century written by Þorbjörn Hornklofi which consists of a conversation between an unnamed valkyrie and a raven; the two discuss the life and martial deeds of Harald Fairhair, "Blazing Waters" featuring Lindy-Fay Hella from Wardruna this track sounds more oriented to the Pagan concept at the beginning, turning to dynamic guitar riff and galloping bass with a superb guitar solo, Alexander Krull dominates with growl vocals while Lindy-Fay Hella and the choir ensemble London Voices chant in the background, indubitably "King of Kings" brings an eleven tracks each one with their own personality.

"King of Kings" denotes a fascinating part of the Norse mythology with exuberance and pride, the album by itself is fascinating from beginning to end, it has everything a diehard fan of Symphonic metal wishes, lots of powerful riff, excellent orchestration, great vocals and exquisites choruses, but the key is the Folk passages well embedded, this is what set Leaves' Eyes as true leaders right next to Nightwish within the sub genre.

Stay True… Stay Metal… Stay Brutal...

Track List:

1. Sweven
2. King of Kings
3. Halvdan the Black
4. The Waking Eye
5. Feast of the Year (instr.)
6. Vengeance Venom
7. Sacred Vow
8. Edge of Steel
9. Haraldskvæði
10. Blazing Waters
11. Swords in Rock

AFM Records

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Dec 6, 2015

Autopsy (2015) Skull Grinder [EP]

Band: Autopsy
Country of Origin: US
Status: Active
Genre: Death Metal
Type: EP
Format: 12" Vinyl 
Length Approx.: 28:00 min.
Release Date: 11-27-2015
Current label: Peaceville Records
Release label: Peaceville Records

IR Classification: Good (4.0 / 5)

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There is enough savagery, blood and guts with a macabre and singular approach

Already been passed twenty eight years since Autopsy the Oakland based Death metal band were formed to give life to the most insane ideas and today be respected as one of the most iconic, gore, bizarre and brutal of all times, having in their history seven full lengths, three EP's and countless compilations that support their prestige and irreverence, said this, Autopsy the masters of gore could not let pass this year without giving us something that remind us who are they and why are they here, and they are not wrong to deliver their classical sickening, bloodiest and harrowing creativity.

I still remember that time around 1990 when I got out to bought some records with the idea to experience something new for me at that time, so I picked up four tapes Possessed "Beyond the Gates", Obituary "Slowly We Rot", Death "Leprosy" and Autopsy "Severed Survival" the four records blew my mind away, I couldn't believe what I found, it was more heavier, evil and distorted than Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax or even Slayer, but definitely Autopsy did a great impression on me due to the atmosphere crafted in that album, fuses in insanely manner of their sickening lyrics with their sinister and bizarre tunes.

After twenty five years I experienced those emotions, every time I listen to Autopsy, I can tell you that emotion remains there intact, because they are absolutely committed with themselves with no style changes, Death metal at its finest, simple as it is, the first track that opens Side A is the opulent fast and aggressive "Strung up and Gutted" with the classic riff bizarre and dark that has defined them for years, spitting growl vocals to inflict fear, after this cut comes the self titled track "Skull Grinder" kicking off with some dense and slow tunes it turns into a gore fest with demential riff as torrents that spills all over the place, "Sanity Bleeds" starts the Side B, viscerally hauntingly, voices from beyond blends with the doom passages and the sharp guitar solo along the track shatters deep in your bones, "The Withering Death" continues with the same heaviness, virtually you can feel your skin ripping apart, slowly with every single rotten note, the agony has a voice with deeper growls leaving you hopeless, "Waiting for the Screams" doesn't disturb the balance at all and delivers the same pace loaded of vile anguish.

Autopsy has been able to put together a solid EP, with seven killer tracks that project them as one of the most reliable Death metal acts, the production is clear losing at some point the rawness of their beginnings, but they managed to succeed and capture their essence, there is enough savagery, blood and guts with a macabre and singular approach, mixed with the most sickest riff and brutal vocals then the result is "Skull Grinder" a piece worthy to check it out.

Stay True… Stay Metal… Stay Brutal...

Track List:

1. Strung up and Gutted
2. Skull Grinder
3. Children of the Filth
4. Sanity Bleeds
5. The Withering Death
6. Waiting for the Screams
7. Return to Dead

Peaceville Records

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Dec 4, 2015

Lust of a Dying Breed (2012) Cat of Nine Tails [EP]

Band: Lust of a Dying Breed
Country of Origin: Kenya
Status: Active
Genre: Death Metal / Deathcore
Type: EP
Format: Digital (320 kbps)
Length Approx.: 21:00 min.
Release Date: 12-12-2012
Current label: Independent
Release label: N / A

IR Classification: Moderate (2.6 / 5)

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Cat of Nine Tails display and testify the evolution and growing of the metal in every corner around the world

Not long ago I reviewed the Lebanese band Hatecrowned that left a great impression on me, well this time I'm bringing a Death metal band from Nairobi, Kenya; they are Lust of a Dying Breed and they play solid as hell mixing traditional Death metal more likely towards Deathcore which put them in a highly transited ground already paved by bands as the Australians Thy Art is Murder, or Americans Whitechapel or Carnifex only to mention few big guns.

Lust of a Dying Breed were formed in 2010 by vocalist Martin Kanja and bassist Timothy Opiko they invited some musicians, and began the try out process, but after a while finally they settled up with their lineup which is complemented by drummer Larry Kim, lead guitar Sam Karinga and rhythm guitar Khalid Issa, so they start  gearing up to record their first official EP titled "Cat of Nine Tails" with five explosive tracks, it was recorded, at Shinigami Studios mixed and mastered by Leon Malu (Mortal Soul).

"Soundcheck" opens this EP with singular force and bestial growls echoing by Kanja, delightful guitars by Karinga and Issa, bordering at some point with some tech death riff, splendid rhythm section by Opiko and energetic drums by Kim, the next track is "Rebirth", here they explore a bit more the Progressive Technical Deathcore spectrum, but don't let them fool you at first, because they could sound way more brutal but as the cut passes, you will find out how progressive they can be, "Fearless" simply keeps up in the same wave mixing a wide range of riff to structure a powerful track the vocals added some shrieks while the bass sound engrossing, "Cat of Nine Tails" is the deathcorish track of the album with palm muted guitars, distressing guitars riff, relentless drumming and convincing growls, the last track is "Denoument" became the weakest track of the EP even when they try to infect it with a singular riff that seems it will pick it up, but suddenly they abandon the idea, I just cannot blame them at all, such a short time to show what they are made.

 The matter of fact is that Lust of a Dying Breed, has chosen a complicated and saturated path, despite their enthusiasm and conviction they don't bring nothing new to the global scene and comparing them to the big guns aforementioned, it would be put them in the shadows, "Cat of Nine Tails" display and testify the evolution and growing of the metal in every corner around the world, if you are a true Deathcore fan you should listen to Lust of a Dying Breed, you could be witnessing the emergence, of the worldwide metal scene from Africa.

Stay True… Stay Metal… Stay Brutal...

Track List:

1. Soundcheck
2. Rebirth
3. Fearless
4. Cat of Nine Tails
5. Denoument


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Dec 2, 2015

Firespawn (2015) Shadow Realms

Band: Firespawn
Country of Origin: Sweden
Status: Active
Genre: Death Metal
Type: Full Length
Format: CD
Length Approx.: 42:00 min.
Release Date: 11-13-2015
Current label: Century Media Records
Release label: Century Media Records

IR Classification: Moderate (2.7 / 5)

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Shadow Realms honestly is fast and brutal, but lacks emotions in its purpose

Firespawn is a band formed in Stockholm, Sweden, that appeals to play a straight Death metal in the vein of Gothenburg old school, the band is integrated by seasoned  musicians very well known in the scene, Lars-Göran Petrov on vocals (Entombed, Nihilist, Comecon), Fredrik Folkare on guitar (Siebenbürgen, Necrophobic, Unleashed), Matte Modin on drums (Dark Funeral, Defleshed, Skineater), Victor Brandt on guitar (Aeon, Entombed), and Alex Friberg on bass (Necrophobic, Trident), with such lineup and background you cannot expect less than a masterpiece, but regrettably the answer is no! and I want to be clear enough at this point, "Shadow Realms" is strong, heavy and has its moments but falls in such simplicity, bordering on mediocrity and it does a completely forgettable album.

As always there are few tracks that can save this record to be a waste, the first cut "The Emperor" which delivers a punitive intro and leads into a some kind of tech death riff, ravaging vocals and pounding drums, Fredrik Folkare delivers a signature guitar solo, "Lucifer has Spoken" which was previously released by Firespawn in a 7 inch vinyl during last summer as their single, the riff here are more melodic with slow pace and the vocals are softer than the usual heavy growls by Petrov, "Contemplate Death" the acoustic guitar interlude doesn't capture much expectation, giving a sense of abuse by such sections, another track to highlight is "Necromance" structured with some death n' roll riff, blunt drumming by Matte Modin and the punishing growls will tear you apart, the self-titled track “Shadow Realms” doesn't shatter your soul, its fall into a generic style, honestly it is fast and brutal, but lacks emotions in its purpose, the ending growl remind me to Jan-Chris de Koeijer from the Dutch band Gorefest in their song titled "Get a Life" from the Album “False” released back in 1992, which ends in the same fashion, "Infernal Eternal" made of pummeling drums with decent guitar riff an eloquent guitar solo by Folkare made a decorous end.

Despite the admiration and respect I feel for each of the members of this band, I feel disappointed by the generic and simplistic style they chose, when they are able to offer even more, it is true that "Shadow Realms" has its moments, with meaty vocals, fast and brutal riff, some relentless drums, however you can feel the emptiness in the ambience, the production is top notch, you can appreciate very clear the instruments and the vocals are slightly overdone, but... if you are a really diehard fan, of the Gothenburg sound I guess you can deal with "Shadow Realms".

Stay True… Stay Metal… Stay Brutal...

Track List:

1. The Emperor
2. Imperial Burning
3. Lucifer has Spoken
4. Spirit of the Black Tide
5. Contemplate Death
6. All Hail
7. Ruination
8. Necromance
9. Shadow Realms
10. Ginnunga
11. Infernal Eternal

Century Media Records

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Nov 29, 2015

Gorod (2015) A Maze of Recycled Creeds

Band: Gorod
Country of Origin: France
Status: Active
Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Type: Full Length
Format: CD
Length Approx.: 44:00 min.
Release Date: 10-16-2015
Current label: Listenable Records
Release label: Listenable Records

IR Classification: Good (4.2 / 5)

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Gorod delivers an extraordinary mix of Jazz, Funk and Progressive to fuse with their Tech Death metal

When you think in Gorod the French Tech Death metal band, you might think of another bands name within the genre as their fellow countrymen Gojira, the Canadians Beyond Creation, the Germans Obscura or the Americans The Faceless and even the mighty Nile, then you think; Why Gorod isn't there among the pack? if they have enough arguments to be respected as the aforementioned bands, "A Maze of Recycled Creeds" it is their fifth full length in their discography, preceded by their controversial album "A Perfect Absolution" in 2012, which was criticized by many, but hailed by others, however this occasion they simply decided to go further and make clear enough how Tech Death metal should be played.

"A Maze of Recycled Creeds" dwells into a mix of well balanced jazzy riff, funky passages and grooves that add boldness, their riff switches back and forth with a singular smoothness, that make the complexity, dynamic and brutality merge in a subtle and convenient manner, placing this album as one of the best Tech Death metal of the year.

Since the opener cut "Air De L'ordre" a smooth piano intro which does not represent or belong to "A Maze of Recycled Creeds"  you're clueless to what is coming, but suddenly the intricate guitar work that "Temple of the Art-God" carries with it, the drums are blunt and the raspy vocals complement this song and right away links to "Celestial Nature" what an awesome track with funky bass notes rumbling in the background perfectly integrated in their Tech Death sound, which takes you into an unpredictable twist, "Inner Alchemy" keeps up in the same vein, you have to listening loud, the guitars are fresh and sharp without interfere at all with the low frequency of the bass, only Gorod were able to pull off such amazing notes and conjoining them into a single track, "An Order to Reclaim" in my opinion could reach the top of the album, it's plagued of funky riff that are aggressive with nauseating drums to make another perfect twist by the end slowing down the pace until reach what I could call a strange fusion of Funk and Doom metal, "From Passion to Holiness" the grooviest track in the album resembles what the band did in their previous album, but this time adding some refined low tones, "Dig into Yourself" displays an inventive progression chords defiant and fearless to bring one of the best guitar solo in the album, "Rejoice Your Soul" and "Syncretic Delirium" anyone could close the album, both tracks are magnificent, the very last track in the CD is an alternate version of “An Order to Reclaim”, which is not included in the 12 inches version.

Gorod got engaged with themselves to deliver an extraordinary mix of diverse styles varied from Jazz, Funk and Progressive to fuse almost perfectly with their Technical Death metal sound, there are few aspects that prevent this album be what deserves to be, the piano intro simply get lost in time by the end you barely remember it and "The Mystic Triad of Artistry" for some reason I just don't get it, I could say the riff doesn't feel convincing or the crushing pace alters the previous balance, but there something that doesn't flow as it should be, however this is an album that you cannot miss, so what are you waiting for?

Track List:

1. Air de L'ordre (Instrumental)
2. Temple to the Art-God
3. Celestial Nature
4. Inner Alchemy
5. The Mystic Triad of Artistry
6. An Order to Reclaim
7. From Passion to Holiness
8. Dig into Yourself
9. Rejoice Your Soul
10. Syncretic Delirium
11. An Order to Reclaim (Alt. Version)

Listenable Records

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