Dec 22, 2015

Hooded Menace (2015) Darkness Drips Forth

Band: Hooded Menace
Country of Origin: Finland
Status: Active
Genre: Death Metal / Doom metal
Type: Full Length
Format: CD
Length Approx.: 43:00 min.
Release Date: 10-30-2015
Current label: Relapse Records
Release label: Relapse Records

IR Classification: Good (4.0 / 5)

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A non stopping raw, morbid and macabre experience like no other

When it comes to talk about doom metal, come to your mind names like Candlemass, Cathedral or nowadays bands like Swallow the Sun and Novembers Doom, only to mention some bands within the genre, the truth is that there are lots of talented bands out there, while some are picked by their low frequency riff, some others are by their dispersed percussion and some by their slowly decaying solos and few ones by their exceptional capacity to blend all this elements and fusing with other genres, generating a brutal and extraordinary sound, Hooded Menace would represent properly my words and their latest album "Darkness Drips Forth" is a non stopping raw, morbid and macabre experience like no other.

Hooded Menace is currently integrated by Lasse Pyykkö in guitars and vocals, Pekka Koskelo in drums, Markus Makkonen in bass and Teemu Hannonen in rhythm guitar, "Darkness Drips Forth" was recorded and mixed by Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studios and recorded and mixed by Hooded Menace at Horrisound Studios, Mixed by Mikko Saastamoinen at Transistor Studios and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

"Darkness Drips Forth" come to be the fourth full length for the Finnish band and includes four tracks of immeasurable Death Doom metal, the opener track "Blood for the Burning Oath / Dungeons of the Disembodied" is quite long but is not boring they handle the pace perfectly going deeper into a funeral doom tunes and without any afraid, they speed up the pace in a subtle manner, with the appropriate dose of Death metal riff, the second track "Elysium of Dripping Death" it's simply unmerciful they were able to blend slow riff with superb melodies, forget how brutal it may sound, the sensation is most like, to the waves dragging your body into the sea, the growl vocals are impotent leaving you stranded in limbo, "Ashen with Solemn Decay" this cut unveils an outstanding guitar work and dive into a dronish passage, heavy melodies backed up for fine drum work and the powerful vocals make this track something to enjoy, "Beyond Deserted Flesh" is the closing track and it ends with a powerful roar while the drums keeps the intensity with the double bass drum, the guitar riff are darker and bizarre adding a vibe with shades of morbid evil that you will love.

There is not much to argue, Hooded Menace has achieved to bring together the somber of their sound with something more melodic, giving a new proportion to their catalog, "Darkness Drips Forth" is a fine album crafted meticulously, taking care of all elements that composes, it has everything you have been craving for so long.

Stay True… Stay Metal… Stay Brutal...

Track List:

1. Blood for the Burning Oath /
    Dungeons of the Disembodied
2. Elysium of Driping Death
3. Ashen with Solemn Decay
4. Beyond Deserted Flesh

Relapse Records

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