Feb 10, 2019

Deathrite (2018) Nightmares Reign 'Review'

Band: Deathrite
Country of Origin: Germany
Genre: Grindcore / Death metal
Type: Full Length
Format: CD Digipak Ltd. Edition
Length Approx.: 43:00 min.
Release Date11-09-2018
Release Label: Century Media Records

IR Classification: Moderate (2.6 / 5)

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Indeed! Nightmares Reign, it could not have been explained or titled better.

German band Deathrite brings their fourth record "Nightmares Reign" it comes with a very particular proposal, quite unique I would say, but that doesn't mean it's great, to be honest with you, forget what you previously listened back in 2015 "Revelation of Chaos" is far away and safe, "Nightmares Reign" ended up being a hard recording to go through because their sound is leaning towards a Death metal with scattered Grindcore parts along the album not very persuasive by the way the band opted to approach more to the d-beat sound with some slow riff nesting comfortably and uninspiringly into their sound. 

The major let down in this album is the infinite moments they are able to craft something great that you expect it to blow up anytime, but unfortunately, it never happens! you can feel that rush in your bloodstream and all the sudden that excitement gets lost in perplexity, sadly this formula repeats over and over along the whole album.

"When Nightmares Reign" kicks off with a muddy slow riff which manages to catch your attention for the speed and classic d-beat rhythm projected, rapidly and almost unnoticeable links to the next track "Appetite for Murder" it keeps the intensity acquired is here when you expect this track to reach another level; However, it leaves you stranded in the middle of nowhere with all that fire within you, then comes "Invoke Nocturnal Light" starting inoffensive and uninspiring it seems to pick up only when they go for those relentless d-beat riffs, "Demon Soul" is quite long enough for the few attractive riffs that contain the track, everything sounds generic the drumming needs that power infused in "Revelation of Chaos" or "Into Extinction", the next song is "Devil's Poison" besides the quick lame and boring start it really tries to reflect that heavy and dark ambiance well mixed with d-beat riffs and they did it great, "Bloodlust" seems out of place in this album, because is a straight discharge of old school metal with no mercy crushing riff and powerful drums are the key for this song, "Obscure Shades" re-takes those mid-paced riffs that have proven to be very ineffective to gain my attention, finally! but not over yet, we get to the last track "Temptation Calls" is the longest track they had ever recorded in their entire discography clocking at nine minutes and a half with not much to display, but if you are in the mood I can tell you, the eerie passages and that subliminal guitar solo that leads to an effusive and epic guitar work will save the end from a free fall.

To sum up briefly, Honestly, I have to say it, this is not the best work they have put out, musically it lacks vibrant and crushing ideas, the average time per song it is higher than usual and the prominent heavy and darker sound almost vanished giving a free path to an extense use of crust and d-beat elements blended with death metal to obtain their very particular sound, the production and mixing is accordingly to the rawness they wanted to project; So... is up to you to take a side, Me!? I will stick to their previous works for a while.

Stay True… Stay Metal… Stay Brutal…

Track List:

01. When Nightmares Reign │ 02. Appetite for Murder │ 03. Invoke Nocturnal Light │ 04. Demon Soul │ 05. Devil's Poison │ 06. Bloodlust │ 07. Obscure Shades │ 08. Temptation Calls

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