Jan 10, 2019

Soulfly (2018) Ritual 'Review'

Band: Soulfly
Country of Origin: United States
Genre: Groove / Thrash metal
Type: Full Length
Format: CD
Length Approx.: 43:00 min.
Release Date10-19-2018
Release Label: Nuclear Blast

IR Classification: Good (4.3 / 5)

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A very distinctive and unique Ritual.

Let's start with this album "Ritual" by Soulfly and to be honest with you, I considered myself a detractor of this band, I never felt an affection or enthusiasm for them and their music, but the time is wise and was recently until a few years ago more accurate in the 2015 and their album "Archangel" it caught my attention in a unique way, with memorable cuts and not just an attempt to stay current in the music industry, I will abstain myself from criticizing any other album for the simple reason of having ignored them completely.

"Archangel" at some point was irreverent with solid guitar riff emanating from the very deep chaos, in a form of exciting hybrid of groove and thrash metal and their newest album "Ritual" the eleventh album comes as a strong reinforce within their discography.

The album kicks off with the self-title track "Ritual" primitive chants mixed with a distorted guitar set the enough energy to launch a groovy front attack and doesn't stop there, it comes "Dead Behind the Eyes" layered with an impressive thrashing riff and drumming that excels with a very dynamic section tight and precise while the vocals by Randy Blythe and Calavera are massive no questions about it, "The Summoning" overflows in energetic and cohesive drum work and experiment a bit towards the end with that electro beat, "Evil Empowered" is fast and thrilling throwing very rapacious guitar riff, the next track "Under Rapture" sounds heavy and aggressive from the beginning and here you can catch a very distinctive bass line to welcome a vast and dense death metal passage with the powerful guest vocals performed by no other than Mr. Ross Dolan from Immolation, "Demonized" it could be the trashier cut in the album demanding the young drummer to show up his versatility to keep up the pace the guitar solo here is meaningful and genuine, "Blood on the Street" doesn't really make an impact on me, but "Bite the Bullet" have a catchy groove rhythmic section that essentially exploit up to its core, "Feedback!" is a refreshing and pleasant rock n' roll track and for a moment it throw myself into the past to remember one of the greats who is no longer here, I mean the great Lemmy Kilmister, the last track is "Soulfly XI" an instrumental track compose with a subtle ambience incorporates elements such as the sitar and the saxophone to provide a an opulent ending but gratifying.

And that's how I ended up appreciating to one of the most iconic name and trajectories within the metal scene, it took me seventeen years to understand them, I might start digging little by little their discography to discover what I ignored for many years, meanwhile I will keep enjoying their latest release "Ritual".

Stay True… Stay Metal… Stay Brutal…

Track List:

01. Ritual │ 02. Dead Behind the Eyes │ 03. The Summoning │ 04. Evil Empowered │ 05. Under Rapture │ 06. Demonized │ 07. Blood on the Street │ 08. Bite the Bullet │ 09. Feedback! │ 10. Soulfly XI

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