Jan 31, 2019

Morbid Messiah (2018) Demonic Paroxysm 'Review'

Band: Morbid Messiah
Country of Origin: Mexico
Genre: Death metal
Type: Full Length
Format: CD
Length Approx.: 36:00 min.
Release Date10-22-2018
Release Label: Memento Mori

IR Classification: Good (3.5 / 5)

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They add a pretty malevolent aura to the songs.

This is the very first time I listen to Morbid Messiah, so I was not sure about what to expect about these guys, but just by reading the song titles, I knew that the lyrics were not going to be talking about cheerful or thought-provoking subject matter. The intro track, “Rise of the Rottenness” starts off with strange movie sample, while the guitar riffs create a sinister atmosphere, before breaking up with a destructive musical assault in the form of “Charred Devastation”. This is the first introduction to the vocals, which not only combine the guttural aggression but are a little bit undecipherable.

Curiously enough, I feel as if the vocals act as another instrument themselves because their low frequency serves to add a pretty malevolent aura to the songs themselves. It’s as if you were descending through an abyss, and the vocals serve as a conduit to your ultimate demise, and while you are descending, your head was being tormented by the chants of agonizing victims. Yes, you read right. That’s the type of atmosphere that the vocals create.

When it comes to the guitar work, I have noticed that the guitar tune is pretty low, but again, this serves to a greater purpose, and that is to infect the listener´s ears with darkness and brooding. Tempo-wise, the band does not go full-throttle, but wise-enough, they combine Doom-laden tempos with outbursts of speed, and even though the drum work does not resort to full blasting, they add a combination of atmospheric drumming with sonic assaults of mid-paced blast beats.

The guitar solos are placed on many compositions, and even though they are not overly technical or flamboyant displays of virtuosity, they have sufficient power and conviction to get you to bang your head with enthusiasm. 

Production-wise, this is album is a little bit raw, especially with the guitar and drums. They have a natural sound to them, but it is not excessively raw or overproduced. The bass is mostly lost in the mix, but on tracks such as “Breath of the Ominous”, it gets a little chance to shine on its own in the introductory section.

Movie samples abound, and they are used effectively. For instance, the sample in “Breath of the Ominous” evokes a sense of malevolence, and with the combination of deadly riffing, it creates wonders for the listener.  When you think about movie samples, you might think about Mortician and the excessive amount of movie samples, but be sure that these guys do not rely on them at all.

To wrap it up, this is a fairly good release if you are into straight-forward, sinister Death Metal.  I think that they could benefit from better production work, but their focus on catchy and punishing riffs is worthy of your attention. Check them out!

Stay True… Stay Metal… Stay Brutal…

Written by: Juan Jose Montiel

Track List:

01. Rise of the Rottenness │ 02. Charred Devastation │ 03. Graveyard Headhunter │ 04. Devoured by Darkness │ 05. Breath of the Ominous │ 06. Crawling in Guts │ 07. Fetid Bloodbath │ 08. Howling from the Grave │ 09. Morbid Messiah/Morbid Invocation

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