Jan 9, 2019

Gorod (2018) Æthra 'Review'

Band: Gorod
Country of Origin: France
Genre: Technical Death metal
Type: Full Length
Format: CD
Length Approx.: 44:00 min.
Release Date10-19-2018
Release Label: Overpowered Records

IR Classification: Excellent (4.5 / 5)

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Tech Death Metal of the highest class.

"Æthra" comes to be the sixth full length album from the masters of Technical Death metal Gorod and it doesn't matter how you look at it, the band achieved to print an exuberant, well defined and powerful record, landing near the grounds of "Leading Vision" released back in 2006.

Gorod is clearly a band that has set themselves apart, evolving gradually while expanding their songwriting spectrum and their amazing musicianship level. The precision and sharp riffs that Pascal and Alberny delivers is simply awesome, while the synchronization accomplished by Diers with it's devastating drums here goes beyond recognition, Claus proves his virtuosity on the four strings superbly and the majestic vocals of Deyres going from intimidating growls to throaty screams. All of this makes "Æthra" an outstanding album. "Wolfsmond" is the first track and grabs you from the beginning with its intrepid and irreverent hardcore style. It's followed by "Bekhten's Curse" which is brilliant and has chaotic guitar work that makes this track superb. "Aethra" delivers a rough monotonous and progressive melody found within the sludge style and "The Sentry" keeps exploring the same path adding more complex progressive elements to highlight the track. "Hina" hammers the drums in an exponential manner, while the vast guitar work has an unusual diversity and pace that wouldn't let you get away. The next track is "And the Moon Turned Black," this song doesn't lose its grindstastics, with elements spiced nicely with a ponderous and unique technique. "Chandra and the Maiden" doesn't sound opulent, but devastating up to the roots, the guitar work sounds compact, giving the listener a taste of their madness and dissonant rush. "Goddess of Dirt" launches a hyper-speed riff which melds with energetic slow parts to end up with that ultra-speed again. Then comes "Inexorable" which tackles down with a semi slow pace, but vibrant riffing with a bountiful texture. The drum section delivers an unquestionable precision. The last track is "A Light Unseen," it sounds hysterically persistent, throwing away a load of unique techniques that are difficult to compare, the vocal part throughout the whole album are simply intimidating and fearless.

Gorod definitely surpasses any of my predictions, if "A Maze of Recycled Creeds" back in 2015 fulfills my needs and expectations; then "Æthra" clearly stands by itself almost like a masterpiece with an exceptional songwriting, varied, without the boredom other bands incur. In my opinion, this is a total hit within the genre, technical or brutal however you like it, you will not be disappointed.

Stay True… Stay Metal… Stay Brutal…

Track List:

01. Wolfsmond │ 02. Bekhten's Curse │ 03. Æthra │ 04. The Sentry │ 05. Hina  │ 06. And the Moon Turned Black │ 07. Chandra and the Maiden │ 08. Goddess of Dirt  │  09. Inexorable │ 10. A Light Unseen

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