Oct 9, 2018

Revocation (2018) The Outer Ones 'Review"

Band: Revocation
Country of Origin: United States
Genre: Technical Death / Thrash Metal
Type: Full Length
Format: CD
Length Approx.: 48:00 min.
Release Date09-28-2018
Release Label: Metal Blade Records

IR Classification: Good (4.2 / 5)

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A devastating technical avalanche.

The natives from Boston, Massachusetts; Revocation seems an unstoppable machine with over twelve years behind their backs they have been very busy the last five years touring tirelessly everywhere north to south and east to west, catching sometime between to compose, record and released a total of four albums within this period, including the last album entitled "The Outer Ones" each one surpassing its predecessor in every aspect, always delivering top notch productions without overwhelming the listener and that is probably the key for their succeed.

Since the beginning Revocation they were characterized for their consistency, quality and innovation, bringing unorthodox elements to its songwriting, but always remaining as extreme and authentic as they can be and of course their latest album "The Outer Ones" can't be excluded, their Progressive Death Metal style has remained as their hallmark, although sometimes sinning a bit for the excesses in which they fall and we often overlook them. 

Let's proceed with the album itself, the opener track is "Of Unworldly Origin" kick off right away with a very fast tremolo picking and thunderous blast beats, this track hits the right notes of progressive metal, delivering a genuine guitar solo to enhance your experience, followed by "That Which Consumes All Things" weak at the beginning but somehow they manage to hook you up with solvent riff not impressive but very well backed up by the bass lines played behind the guitars, the third track is "Blood Atonement" after a stunning fret work, quickly the melodies arrive and leads towards spirals of progressions very accurate and structured, while the drum work here is faultless and belligerent, next is "Fathomless Catacombs" sounds darker without abandon the progressive path, beautiful but passive guitar solo, "The Outer Ones" tries to approach you infused by an enigmatic science fiction vibe, the sound is unapologetic, with thrashing murky riff and a very consistent drumming, however very repetitive towards the end, "Vanitas" lacks of intensity and ferocity but is not a bad track at all, brings up together all the collective talent this band owns, molded in simplicity but chaotic yet, "Ex Nihilo" is the instrumental track and it connects right away keeping the flow from the previous track, with more punching progressive guitar riff, the drumming is mean and categorical and the bass adds a darker and deeper vibe, now comes "Luciferous" structured with a more melodic feeling and at some point picks up its aggressivity with no remorse, the battling rhythms between the guitars are appealing, here there is not misconception at all, and so we come to the last track "A Starless Darkness" slows down the pace to the devastating technical avalanche we were exposed, strong grooves that shift speeds back and forth sometimes stepping on the threshold of doom, the low growls add the proper dimension for this track, while the guitar solo it sounds very saturated and complicated.

I would like to conclude that "The Outer Ones" while is not easy to digest for everybody, I mean if you are looking for brutality, speed and straightforward metal, you might be disappointed, but not all is lost, Revocation through "The Outer Ones" can deliver exactly what you looking for, but with some dose of complexity and virtuosity, I will not deny that you might find some issues while testing this band; However, I can assure you this album will be a top ten list of the year.

Stay True... Stay Metal... Stay Brutal...

Track List:

01. Of Unworldly Origin
02. That Which Consumes All Things
03. Blood Atonement
04. Fathomless Catacombs
05. The Outer Ones
06. Vanitas
07. Ex Nihilo
08. Luciferous
09. A Starless Darkness

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