Oct 23, 2018

Sargeist (2018) Unbound 'Review'

Band: Sargesit
Country of Origin: Finland
Genre: Black Metal
Type: Full Length
Format: CD
Length Approx.: 47:00 min.
Release Date10-11-2018
Release Label: World Terror Committee 

IR Classification: Good (4.2 / 5)

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Is undoubtedly brilliant, intense and darker.

Sargeist hailing from Finland finally has returned after four years of absence, their newest album entitled "Unbound" delivers a production to clean but threatening allowing the sound to be more inflictive giving us peace of mind, because honestly after the release of their previous work back in 2014 "Feeding the Crawling Shadows" which didn't met the level achieved at "Let the Devil In" in 2010 in my opinion the best you can listen from this band so far or at least that was my opinion before to listen their newest production.

So let's take a closer look, First impression always count and "Psychosis Incarnate" gets you in such atmospheric maze and gloomy melodies the folky passage gives an incredible dimension, frantic drums and the low guttural growls make this track a must have in your playlist, "The Bosom of Wisdom and Madness" ravaging without mercy, intense guitar riff, the drumming brings a relentless blast beat and everything here sounds perfect, "Deaths Empath" starts with a more melodic groove style, quickly evolves into a more darker sound more according to its nature, while "Hunting Eyes" shift the pace to a slower track approaching more to the depressive style with sick melodies, "Her Mouth Is an Open Grave" rapidly digs into the earlier Sargeist style raw and morbid alike to the Old School Black metal, "Unbound" will caught you off place with such joyful folkish passages, occasionally builds intensity with those fast pace injections, "Wake of the Compassionate" it unleash a hellish blast beat alongside the punishing guitar riff while the growling vocals match perfectly, the last track is "Grail of the Pilgrim" it is disturbingly exciting in the classic style of Sargeist, somber and unapologetic.

"Unbound" is undoubtedly brilliant, intense and darker, the album captures the most extreme and dense creativity and reaffirm Sargeist as one of the most outstanding acts within the Black metal scene, this album you must have it, no excuses allowed!

Stay True… Stay Metal… Stay Brutal…

Track List:

01. Psychosis Incarnate │ 02. To Wander the Night's Eternal Path │ 03. The Bosom of Wisdom and Madness │ 04. Death's Empath │ 05. Hunting Eyes │ 06. Her Mouth Is an Open Grave │ 07. Unbound │ 08. Blessing of the Fire-Bearer │ 09. Wake of the Compassionate │ 10. Grail of the Pilgrim

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