Oct 5, 2015

Benighted (2014) Carnivore Sublime

Band: Benighted
Country of Origin: France
Status: Active
Genre: Death metal / Grindcore
Type: Full length
Format: CD
Length Approx.:  38:00 min.
Release Date: 02-14-2014
Current label: Season of Mist
Release label: Season of Mist

IR Classification: Excellent (4.6 / 5)

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Carnivore Sublime brings a brutal and compelling discharge

Well, I know it’s been a long time since Benighted released their seventh full length "Carnivore Sublime" back in 2014, however I'm about to review this album for the simple reason that this is a killer Deathgrind album, excellent from any spot of view, you want to see, Benighted have been very active since they were founded in 1998 in Saint-Étienne, Rhône-Alpes, France, they were playing a more oriented Black metal at the beginning of their career, and later on shifting slowly into a more, comfortable zone to play a brutal Death metal with Grindcore influences.

"Carnivore Sublime" brings a brutal and compelling discharge, riff that assault your senses and the incessant beating of drums, the multifaceted Julien Truchan and his vocals with a wide range from pig squeals, screechy, gory goes to scream and snarls, it is really fascinating listen to him, Benighted is a band that once in awhile throws some riff that are particularly out of context, but when you see the whole picture you can appreciate those details that prevent to fall in a abysmal boredom, many bands of the genre while do their songwriting, goes so brutal and so fast as possible that they tend to overkill their production and there's no elements to save them, fortunately this is not Benighted case, something else to remark is the length of the record, barely under the thirty eight minutes to consume the massacre.

The opener track “X2Y” explode with singular intensity and brutality which link you right away with "Noise" the second track the guitars sound compact and the catchy riff are brimming, the distinctive vocals appears while you can't stop headbanging, “Experience your Flesh” is the living proof of my words, because you can appreciate those particular riff out of context I had been talking about, some could feel confused, but that's exactly why Benighted has remained, because they have a terrific, capacity to alloy unconventional elements, tracks like “Spit” or “Defiled Purity” following the same concept with some groovy riff throw in the mix and some other entertainment stuff, “Collection of Dead Portraits” and “Carnivore Sublime”, became the most exuberant tracks it's musical structure more varied, with frequent paced shifting and brutal fret guitar work, exposes their creativity to the core, “Les Morsures du Cerbère” brilliant as intense and the last track of this album is “June and the Laconic Solstice” delivers a full discharge of artillery a relentless drumming with some killer bass lines, guitar strings keep snapping and a full vocal repertory to annihilate any doubts.

 In my opinion Benighted has once again demonstrated why they have remained for so long as an icon in the underground scene, seventeen years down the road, seven studio albums, a live album, guarantee the quality and creativity of these French, trust me; if you take a look at their discography, I know you'll find something interesting.

Stay True... Stay Metal… Stay Brutal…

Track List:

1. X2Y
2. Noise
3. Experience Your Flesh
4. Slaughter / Suicide
5. Spit
6. Defiled Purity
7. Jekyll
8. Collection of Dead Portraits
9. Carnivore Sublime
10. Les Morsures du Cerbère
11. June and the Laconic Solstice

Season of Mist

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