Oct 25, 2015

Avulsed (2015) Altar of Disembowelment [EP]

Band: Avulsed
Country of Origin: Spain
Status: Active
Genre: Death metal
Type: EP
Format: CD
Length Approx.:  23:00 min.
Release Date: 09-15-2015
Current label: Xtreem Music
Release label: Xtreem Music

IR Classification: Good (4.3 / 5)

Listen our review! (English)

Avulsed has enough effectiveness to drag you into hell

Actually if you want to talk about the Spanish Death metal scene you have to take as a referent, one of the pioneers and legends of the genre, Avulsed are hailing from Madrid, Spain. They have been around since 1991, always delivering such brutality, that make them essential to any collector or diehard metalhead, Avulsed has an impressive discography five demos, six full lengths becoming the most outstanding records in my opinion their album debut "Eminence in Putrescence" released in 1996 and "Yearning for the Grotesque" in 2003, also they have released several Splits and EP's, as usually happen to any band, the lineup changes has been part of them, but without a doubt they have been managed to remain active and creative during all this time, for our own good.

This occasion I'm going to review their latest job the EP titled "Altar of Disembowelment" which was mixed at Overhead Studios by Raul Fournier and mastered at Unisound by Dan Swano and the album artwork by graphic artist Juanjo Castellano. The band lead by vocalist Dave Rotten, the guitarist Jose Cabra and Juan Carlos, the bassist Tana and the drummer Erik Raya delivers an unmeasurable, reliable and brutal death metal, the first track "To Sacrifice and Devour" is structured on heavy riff, rapidly embrace you with a hellish wave by Rotten's vocals, the slow parts are brutals to build a bridge perfect to the guitar solo, then comes "Red Viscera Serology" which remain at the same pace and intensity but adding some melodic and catchy riff while the drums are relentless, as vocalist display his full range of grunts without distortion is effective and killer, the next track "Ceremony of Impalement" with impious riff, pummeling double bass drum leads the song to another level, impeccable growl vocals, unleashes the hell for whatever is coming at you, "Tremble in the Darkness" incorporates some Deathcore elements, at the beginning some palm muted guitar riff but as the tracks evolve, they faded into their classic fast paced brutality, that has defined them always, the closing track is neither more nor less, "Neon Knights" a Black Sabbath a cover that impressively doesn't sound much as the original track, but sounds more as Avulsed repertoire, Rotten and company knew how exactly inject their essence and make of this classic a remorseless version of themself, excellent way to top off the nearly twenty three minutes length of this recording.

So! if you have a chance and you still have that instinct of yesteryear for real underground music, then definitely Avulsed is the right dose for you, this recording has no fillers just enough effectiveness to drag you into hell... and I bet you, at the end you will enjoy it.

Stay True… Stay Metal… Stay Brutal...

Track List:

1. To Sacrifice and Devour
2. Red Viscera Serology
3. Ceremony of Impalement
4. Tremble in the Darkness
5. Neon Knights (Black Sabbath)*


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