Sep 26, 2018

Conan (2018) Existential Void Guardian 'Review'

Band: Conan
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Genre: Stoner / Doom Metal
Type: Full Length
Format: CD Digipak
Length Approx.: 58:00 min.
Release Date09-14-2018
Release Label: Napalm Records

IR Classification: Good (3.7 / 5)

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Doom metal intense, irreverent, heavy and bizarre.

The mighty lords of the genre stoner doom metal have returned just two years after releasing their previous recording "Vengeance" having a good acceptance among the genre disciples, this time they brought us their brand-new album entitled "Existential Void Guardian" with eleven tracks full of riffs with the most infamous and deliriant tunes that you've heard lately.

Many people argue about the order of this album, some people claim to be the fifth album of the band, some others said it's the fourth, due to the polemic arise from their recording entitled "Horseback Battle Hammer" back in 2010, the truth is that I do not care about that, what really matters here is their distinctive sound of Doom metal that they deliver which is intense, irreverent, heavy and bizarre. "Prosper on the Path" give us a dark entrance, for an instant you can appreciate nuances of Godflesh with a doomy-industrial vibe that is well balanced. "Eye to Eye to Eye" will certainly decimate your soul very slowly. It is undeniable that this track will peak your interest. Then comes the superfast "Paincantation" which clearly states, that sometimes the slower can be devastating at a Grindcore pace; So, let's skip to "Volt Thrower" made of visceral riffs that exploits as the melodies arrive, "Vexxagon" with a repetitive and catchy riff assaults the listener with punishing torrent. "Eternal Silent Legend" distorted and perilous, subtly slow melt riffing, drives you through a known but intangible maze.

"Existential Void Guardian" puts back Conan as a spearhead within the genre, I really enjoyed the first seven songs, about thirty-five minutes of this deadly band, the bonus track included is too much for me, but there is always the digital version, which will avoid you this part, my recommendation is get it as soon as possible!

Track List:

01. Prosper on the Path │ 02. Eye to Eye to Eye │ 03. Paincantation │ 04. Amidst the Infinite │ 05. Volt Thrower │ 06. Vexxagon │ 07. Eternal Silent Legend │ 08. Total Conquest (Live)* │ 09. Satsumo (Live)* │ 10. Foehammer (Live)* │ 11. Hawk as Weapon (Live)*

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