Mar 5, 2016

Black Tusk (2016) Pillars of Ash

Band: Black Tusk
Country of Origin: US
Status: Active
Genre: Sludge metal
Type: Full Length
Format: CD
Length Approx.: 35:00 min.
Release Date: 01-29-2016
Current label: Relapse Records
Release label: Relapse Records

IR Classification: Good (3.9 / 5)

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Pillars of Ash is a swamp-tastic sludge metal, infected with crust punk

Tragedy has marked the past of this band, as everyone in the metal scene read or heard before, Jonathan Athon passed away on November 9th 2014 due to sustained injuries in a motorcycle accident, it was indeed regrettable and the future of Black Tusk seemed to fade away in a maze for an instant, however in times of adversity is when the strength, the passion and the courage prevails, being all the Athon's parts already recorded, his band mates James May (drums and backing vocals) and Andrew Fidler (guitars and backing vocals) were able to set the final touches to their latest album which was titled "Pillars of Ash" this album is the fourth full length in their discography and turns out to be a swamp-tastic sludge metal, infected with crust punk.

For over a decade Savannah, Georgia has treated us as never before, musically speaking first we meet Kylesa, then Baroness and last but not least Black Tusk, these three bands have forged that sound so distinctive and we have become more familiar to the Swamp metal and "Pillars of Ash" in my opinion keeps the path already traced in their previous album "Set the Dial" back in 2011 but this occasion their sound is a little more raw and aggressive, offering an emblematic record within the genre.

"Pillars of Ash" bring to us 11 tracks fully energetic, ranging from hardcore going through a heaviness and distortion which is spiced up with some crust punk, the outcome can be heard since the first track "God's on Vacation" with a distinctive drum that precedes a corrosive guitar riff with screamed vocals, "Desolation of Endless Times" with a deeper groove that guarantees an unstoppable headbanging, "Bleed on Your Knees" a blend of rock and metal, "Born of Strife" with a relentless thrashy and faster riff, start to put things upside down it is almost indescriptible the feeling that "Pillars of Ash" is able to produce, "Black Tide" seems to be the link that holds the transition from one end to the other with powerful riff and defying drums, "Still not Well" with a raw sound certainly confronts the band with its own roots, while "Walk Among the Sky" succumbs to the speed of the initial riff but subtly turns into an explosive sing along, great for a closing live performance, "Punkout" dare to busting your speakers with a terrific bass work, a total indulgent hardcore, the last track is "Leveling" shredding guitars that doesn't last as you would expect, leading to a piano outro and works more as a filler in the album,  I think they could have omitted the last track and maybe it would have the same impact.

Black Tusk delivers 35 minutes which emphasizes the insertion of rock, metal and punk with a singular dynamic ensuring a high repeatability in your playlist, this is a good album, solid and contemporary without noticeable flaws but will transcends as one of the finest within their discography and as a turning point in their career, Black Tusk actually are hitting the road with Corey Barhorst doing bass and vocals along with Holy Grail and The Well, don't miss your chance to see them live.

Stay True… Stay Metal… Stay Brutal...

Track List:

1. God's on Vacation
2. Desolation of Endless Times
3. Bleed on Your Knees
4. Born of Strife
5. Damned in the Ground
6. Beyond the Divide
7. Black Tide
8. Still Not Well
9. Walk Among the sky
10. Punkout
11. Leveling

Relapse Records

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