May 9, 2015

Mind Suppressor (2013) Final Judgment [EP]

Band: Mind Suppressor
Country of Origin: Mexico
Status: Active
Genre: Death metal / Thrash metal
Type: EP
Format: Digital (320 kbps)
Length Approx.: 30:50 min.
Release Date: 11-09-2013
Current label: Independent
Release label: n/a

IR Classification: Good (3.6 / 5)

Bone crushing death / thrash metal.

Mind Suppressor are a relatively young band that was formed in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico in the year of 2011, they play a well-defined Death/Thrash metal, citing influences from Old School Death metal, you can hear in their music, influences from bands such as Pestilence, Death and Unleashed in appropriate proportions to add their own style and cogency.

Without more preamble "Final Judgment" opens with "Descend into the Valley of Thoughts" an instrumental track filled with melancholy and sadness it is reflected upon the guitars, then is linked with "Beyond Reality" a song with its own intro in a semi-slow pace some of these riff remind me of Schuldiner, later comes a shout similar to the Hedlund, but unfortunately not as memorable as Hedlund trademark, the guitars are heard powerfully and cohesive, the guitar solo is full of feeling, “Impetuous Kátharsis” it has crushing riffs, the drums added personality to this track and the vocals makes me remember the Dutch band Pestilence, to precise under Martin van Drunen era, at the end the guitar solo is something that you will remember out of this song, “Eternal Suffering” This track is very interesting here you can listen merciless drums from the beginning until the end and the great quality and technical skills that they own in song writing, without a doubt, one of the best track in this recording, “Warriors of Mictlan” yes, here we go again with another discharge by Esteban behind the drums, the guitars are solid and the bass fits perfect to deliver notes in a background layer, I have to tell you the vocals by Jose are pretty good with a raspy voice, gravelly, coming from the throat and are more scream-like than growls, “Fear of Eternity” is mid-pace track with an excellent guitar picking tremolos, trashy chords and melodies that lead you to the most brilliant guitar solo in the album a blistering drums patterns, make this song very enjoyable, The grand finale is the track titled "Final Judgment" few words can describe this track as crushing, aggressive, heaviest and abrasive, here you will find a good balance in terms of instrumentation, the backing vocals are overwhelming, around the mark 2:25 there is an interlude composed of marching drums and an exquisite guitar melody, just to charge at you back with more brutality.

Mind Suppressor has deliver us a bone crushing recording that is slightly over  thirty minutes, proving us what are they made off and songs as "Beyond Reality", "Eternal Suffering" and "Final Judgment" as their flag, just set up my expectations higher for their future, this is a band worth it to check out, do not hesitate to hear them!

Stay True... Stay Metal… Stay Brutal…

Track List:

1. Descend into the Valley of Thoughts
2. Beyond Reality
3. Impetuous Kátharsis
4. Eternal Suffering
5. Warriors of Mictlan
6. Fear of Eternity
7. Final Judgment


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