May 20, 2015

Leviathan (2015) Scar Sighted

Band: Leviathan
Country of Origin: US
Status: Active
Genre: Black metal / Ambient
Type: Full length
Format: Digital (320 Kbps)
Length Approx.: 01:04:00 min.
Release Date: 03-03-2015
Current label: Profound Lore Records
Release label: Profound Lore Records

IR Classification: Good (4.4 / 5)

Aggressive, rabid and depressive black metal.

It's been more than three years, since Leviathan brought to light his controversial album "True Traitor, True Whore" now with a different view and leaving the past to history, Wrest offers us his most recent release "Scar Sighted" the fifth in his discography and contains ten tracks of pure evil and depressive Black metal filled with guttural screams and high pitch vocals.

Personally, I consider that "Scar Sighted" it should be the next in line after his album "Massive Conspiracy Against All Life" released in 2008, why? Very simple the newest album represent much more what he was doing at that time, however I can understand to Wrest as an artist, after those events where he was sentenced to two years probation and the remote possibility to speak about it through his music in "True Traitor, True Whore" comes alive, good or bad choice, no one can judge it.

"Scar Sighted" opens with "-" very original title for an instrumental cut, slightly over the two minutes mark and it work as preamble of what is coming to you, the hell is unleashed and "The Smoke of Their Torment" grabs you with some death metal riff, couple interludes here and there just to make it deeper, growling vocals, "Dawn Vibration" this is a great track flawless, excellent work in the drums, the production allows every blast sound magnificent, next we have "Gardens of Coprolite" which begins with a bass section accompanied by agonic drumming, suddenly a disharmonic and chaotic assault to ended up with a catchy guitar riff, "Wicked Fields of Calm" this cut it could be my favorite in the album, is aggressive, rabid and have a depressive vibe from start to end, screams are painful, relentless drums, ferocious guitar riff, meld bass to that undertone melody in the keyboards, "Within Thrall" acoustic guitars and clear chants welcomes you into a singular nightmare heavy screamed and growled vocals, the guitar riff are unpredictable, "A Veil is Lifted" predominantly distorted guitars, droning tunes and atmospheric passages a cut well balanced, "Scar Sighted" undoubtedly is the most complex and varied composition incorporating doom elements, atmospheric attributes, reverb guitar riffs shrieks and howling vocals, merciless blast beats all blended together to create a memorable cut, "All Tongues Towards" guitars fuse slowly with marching drums to meet up with speed and chaos, cavernous growls rapidly drags you to hell, excellent cut of somber black metal, the closing track is “Aphōnos” offers a dense musical structure, droning tunes are present here, howling vocals and some odd melodies make this track intricate and distressing, you will need to listen to it few times to understand this song.

The production of this album is solid, compact and clear, it allows you to experience all the elements, doom, dark, ambient, droning, death and black tinted through "Scar Sighted" the lyrics are morbid and complex displaying creativity; this is an album that undoubtedly will come to any end-of-year list.

Stay True... Stay Metal… Stay Brutal…

Track List:

1. -
2. The Smoke of Their Torment
3. Dawn Vibration
4. Gardens of Coprolite
5. Wicked Fields of Calm
6. Within Thrall
7. A Veil is Lifted
8. Scar Sighted
9. All Tongues Towards
10. Aphōnos

Profound Lore Records

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