Dec 6, 2017

Sorcerer (2017) The Crowning of the Fire King 'Review'

Band: Sorcerer
Country of Origin: Sweden
Genre: Epic Doom metal
Type: Full Length
Format: Digital 320 kbps
Length Approx.: 01:11:00 min.
Release Date10-20-2017
Release Label: Metal Blade Records

IR Classification: Excellent (4.6 / 5)

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Excellent Epic Doom metal, no complaints allow.

Sorcerer is simply like a fine wine, you gather the best ingredients, crush them, leave them to ferment, extrude the mixture and let it blend and age, bottle up and finally enjoy a unique mixture of twenty-five years of aging, that's how Sorcerer can be compared, only as the finest bands within the genre, you just can't skip "The Crowning of the Fire King".

Is very rare that I pick two Epic Doom metal albums within a short period of time, as I picked already Forsaken and their album "Pentateuch" and I'm sure I didn't go wrong with them, but neither will I go wrong with Sorcerer and "The Crowning of the Fire King", because it excels in all the ways you want to see this album, the songwriting is stunning, I can't point anything negative about it, the vocals surpass way beyond my expectatives, the length of the album doesn't turn into a boredom and they always managed to keep you engaged at listening, it never let you get away, So! yes... this definitely is a excellent album.

"The Crowning of the Fire King" contains ten tracks of varied tunes that are easy to classify in three groups the opener cut "Sirens", Abandoned by the Gods" and "Crimson Cross" belong to the energetic tracks with such vehemence, then we have "Ship of Doom", the self title track "The Crowning of the Fire King", "Unbearable Sorrow" and "Disciples of the Dark" with a very accentuated Epic Doom metal sound, down tempo with an excellent guitar work a majestic vocal work to sing along with Engberg and last we have "The Devil's Incubus", "Crimson Cross" and "Bringer of Misery" these tracks fits more into a melodic scheme with catchy choruses; Also we can't skip "Nattvaka" the acoustic interlude that's simple but dominant; So everything here exceeds what you're looking for, it is not necessary to say it, but Sorcerer has consolidated with this as their second work.

I would say that Sorcerer has establish their own brand of Epic Doom metal with their sophomore work, a very distinctive sound that allow them to be apart and dig up their own legacy, an album that will surely reach more than just one list of the top ten of 2017, they sure will have a place in ours!

Stay True... Stay Metal... Stay Brutal...

Track List:

01. Sirens
02. Ship of Doom
03. Abandoned by the Gods
04. The Devil's Incubus
05. Nattvaka
06. Crimson Cross
07. The Crowning of the Fire King
08. Unbearable Sorrow

Metal Blade Records

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