Jul 8, 2015

Doomraiser (2015) Reverse (Passaggio Inverso)

Band: Doomraiser
Country of Origin: Italy
Status: Active
Genre: Doom metal
Type: Full length
Format: Ltd. Edition Digipack
Length Approx.:  52:00 min.
Release Date: 01-13-2015
Current label: BloodRock Records
Release label: BloodRock Records

IR Classification: Good (4.1 / 5)

Doom metal, with a sense of personality and no remorse

Doomraiser comes from Rome, Italy they play in the vein of Doom metal, some bands names comes to my mind such as early Cathedral, Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass to mention few and give you an idea what to expect, this band have been playing for more than a decade, so far they had released couple demos, an EP, some splits and three previous full lengths, certainly they have shown creativity during this time, now they come to present their fourth album titled "Reverse (Passaggio Inverso)" the artwork was designed by Roberto Toderico upon the band's concept.

What you find here are low tuned guitars with semi-slow paced to slow paced by Marini and Montagna who split duties in the guitars to rehearse, an exceptional  rhythm section leaded by the bassist Caminiti, ponderous crushing drums by Amatori and haunting epic vocals by Rossi, these gentlemen are responsible for giving us a full album of modern Doom metal, with a sense of personality, with no remorse, the first track is "Addiction" and simply guitar riffs comes slower and fuse with the low tuned bass to create a heavy ambience just good enough to blend with drunken clean vocals, the guitar solo remind me the early Paradise Lost, "Mirror of Pain" kick off a little bit more rhythm and somehow they drive it to a decreasing tempo, tormentor drums make the perfect match for this cut "Ascension: 6 to 7" this song could be the lowest point in the album reaching over the eleven minutes mark it sounds tedious, repetitive and appeals to a catchy riff over en over again, perhaps the most salvageable out of this track is the splendid guitar solo, "Apophis" it comes to vindicate the flow of the album with powerful riff and incisive bass, heading into a more meaty sound but pulling back before it transcends into a pure chaos, opting for the epic sounds that characterizes them, “In Winter” keeps up those sweeping riffs with decadent drums accompanied always by Rossi’s epic howling, "Dio Inverso (Reverse)" this cut is rooted into a depressive sound, which appeals deep in your bowels to the most twisted feelings, the bass mark the tune to lay down a remarkable composition, extremely successful as closing track for the Limited edition CD digipack and 12" Vinyl version, for those who choose the digital version, there is a bonus track titled "Ghost Track", so don't be surprised and enjoy it.

I would like to say that, I have always appreciated bands like Cathedral, Paradise Lost, Solitude Aeturnus and many more that I could mentioned for their musical career, their huge creativity and so on, but suddenly exploring again the Doom metal genre which is so complex in composition and acceptance, I got a pleasant surprise by listening to bands such as Doom:VS, Pallbearer, Dread Sovereign and now I have this album in my hands by Doomraiser, if I had to describe this album with a single word it will be "exceptional", "Reverse (Passaggio Inverso)" will surely be on any of the top lists by the end of the year.

Stay True... Stay Metal… Stay Brutal…

Track List:

1. Addiction
2. Mirror of Pain
3. Ascension; 6 to 7
4. Apophis
5. In Winter
6. Dio Inverso (Reverse)
7. Ghost Track* (Digital version only)

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