Ravenous Death 'Interview'

Interview with: Esteban Salcedo (drummer)
Band: Ravenous Death
Conducted by: Fernando G. Quiroz (e-mail)
Published on: 12/02/2017

Hello! Good day, my name is Fernando Quiroz, I am the editor of Insanity Remains Webzine, I would like to ask you some questions for the fans that visit the website, I want to thank you in advance for your time and attention, so let's get down to business.

IRW:  Can you tell me how and where Ravenous Death was born and where does the name of the band come from?

Esteban: Hi Fernando. Ravenous Death was born during the recording of the third Remains’ Full-Length album in the Mexico State. Miguel Angeles and I (Esteban Salcedo) were sharing a good time and good Death Metal stuff, so we started to talk about doing some Death Metal in the style of bands like Vomitory, Torture Division, etc.  
Then the idea became stronger when we let Enrique knows about it. So that’s how we started doing some riffs for this project in the middle of 2016. The name was taken after a Vomitory’s song calls “The Ravenous Dead”. I proposed the name and the others accepted ... And you know, it sounds brutal and represents what we want to show with this project ... An honest and rotten metal of death.

IRW:  Can you tell me briefly who are the members and how long have you played together as well as what are the direct influences on the sound of the band?

Esteban: Yes bro. Ravenous Death is originally formed by Miguel Angeles from the State of Mexico (Guitars, Bass and Vocals), Enrique Fray from Colima (Guitars and bass) and me from Guadalajara (Drums and lyrics). We have been friends just a couple of years ago. Sharing the music, we make with our other projects and talking about our personal tastes and influences. Then, after our first live show, we decided to join Alejandro Méndez (Bass) and Diego Gómez (Guitar) as official members, due to the great chemistry we had on stage.
And what can I tell you? Our influences are based on dark, rotten and fast Death Metal, especially the old school. Mainly bands like Vomitory, Torture Division, Morbid Angel, Dismember, Grave, Shubb Niggurath, Immolation, Sadistic Intent, Incantation, The Chasm, early Cenotaph and many more.

IRW:  Who writes the songs and lyrics, what are they about and why did you choose these topics?

Esteban: Well; for the debut EP the songs were writing between the three original members. Enrique made the music for the first, second and third tracks. Miguel Angeles did the same with the fourth and the fifth tracks, and I wrote all the lyrics for the songs. We talked about the concept of the band and decided to use classic Death Metal themes, just like blasphemy, evil, occultism, zombies, gore, sickness, blood, guts, etc. You know, just because we wanted to do some evil, fast and rotten music, no matter the criticism or having a specific topic.

IRW:  I know that the labels are not to everyone's liking; But in what genre does Ravenous Death fit?

Esteban: We think that we play Pure Metal of Death in its entirely meaning, but we like to say that Ravenous Death plays “Ominous Rotten Death Metal”. You know, just to sound brutal and make people want to hear this shit.

IRW:  Can you tell me where and when Ominous Deathcult was recorded and who oversaw the mixing and production? Where could we get a copy?

Esteban: Ominous Deathcult were recorded in MAT Studio, the studio of our great friend Miguel Angeles, in the State of Mexico at the end of October 2016. All mixed and produced by Miguel Angeles with a final touch of Enrique Fray. You can get a copy directly with the members of the band or with the record label MAT Records, managed by Rene Espino from Dew of Nothing, Anoxia, etc.

IRW:  Ominous Deathcult is your first work, so starting from a musical point of view, do you think you have managed to reflect what you had in mind from the beginning?

Esteban: Absolutely. We wanted to do this shit just like you hear it in your headphones, stereo, computer… Whatever you use to. Is true, honest and with our own ideas. No poses or Pretentiousness.

IRW:  Is there something that you have not fulfilled during the recording of Ominous Deathcult, something that left you unsatisfied?

Esteban: No, nothing. We decided that this first EP will sound raw, evil, fast and rotten. With a low production and mixing. Making the recording sound as natural as possible and with a cavernous and tearing voice.

IRW:  How has the national and international distribution been? What has been the position of the criticism or specialized press and how this has affected the response from fans to Ominous Deathcult?

Esteban: Well, I think we have had a good response from the people who have listened to our debut EP. The distribution of the CD has arrived in countries such as Spain, France, Poland, Colombia, Macedonia, United States, Japan, Italy, Germany and (obviously) Mexico. And about the people who didn’t like “Ominous Deathcult”, we don’t care much about them. We only do what we want to do. That’s all… If people like our stuff, of course we appreciate it, but if it is not, it does not bother us either.

IRW:  Did any Record label show interest or have you offered a contract for your next material?

Esteban: Yes!!!! We received an invitation from Memento Mori from Spain… We believe this label is one of the most important labels in the underground worldwide. So, yes… We are happy with that offer and Memento Mori will release our first Full Length Album in the second half of the 2018. So, stay tuned about it.

IRW:  What are the future plans for Ravenous Death in the short term and long term?

Esteban: We really don’t know. We just want to create some Death Metal stuff and release it when it’s possible. But definitely you will have a lot of Ravenous Death in the next years.

IRW:  Do you consider yourself a public figure, an influential figure or do you prefer to stay away from these situations?

Esteban: I don’t know what to say about it. It’s clear that we want to get attention from most of the people who likes real Death Metal. But at the same time, we enjoy to be normal guys haha, but yes, we would like to be more recognized in the Metal scene worldwide.

IRW:  How do you define the current Underground movement? Could you compare it with the old Underground movement?

Esteban: We don’t think so. The old days are the old days, there’s a lot of old school metal bands that will always be there making us bang our heads. Nowadays is very difficult to get attention from the metalheads, a big Record Label or something like that. Things have changed a lot ... There are two sides of the coin. On the one hand there is the ease of reaching many people with the internet, but on the other hand, there is the fact that there are thousands of new bands which are looking for a place in the metal scene. So, it's hard to get the attention of the public. Especially those who are not used to listening to new proposals and live listening to the classics.

IRW:  What do you do apart from being musicians?

Esteban: Well, Miguel Angeles is a Sound Engineer in his own studio called MAT Studio and has a degree in Industrial Engineering. Enrique Fray works in installation of PVC furniture, Alejandro Méndez works as a Computer Engineer, Diego Gómez is a designer and tattoo artist and I’m an Architect. So, yes… we are normal people as much of the greatest metal musicians in the world.

IRW:  What inspires you to do what you do and how it affects your daily life?

Esteban: It's just the taste for metal, for capturing all the ideas we have in our heads in each of the "Riffs", the rhythms and the lyrics. We are inspired by the fact that we can express the anger, fury and repudiation that we have for certain things in this world. All through the Metal of Death.

IRW:  How is the relationship between the members of the band?

Esteban: The truth is that we all get along quite well, even though we are from different states of the country and usually do not see each other very often.

IRW:  Until now, what has been the greatest adversity Ravenous Death has faced? How were you able to overcome this adversity?

Esteban: Definitely, the disease of our friend and vocalist Miguel Angeles, but we don’t want to talk much about that. The fact of living in different states has not been a big problem, but it has affected the live presentations in different cities a little bit, due to the fact that the price in the per diem increases a little more.

IRW:  With thousands of bands around the world playing the same genres repeatedly; What makes Ravenous Death different to be accepted among the fans?

Esteban: That’s a hard question. We don’t really care much about that. We simply want to capture the ideas that comes to our minds and then turn them into Death Metal, regardless of whether it sounds similar to other bands or not. And of course, if people like it, it leaves us with great satisfaction. But the main thing is to satisfy ourselves.

IRW:  How is the new Ravenous Death material going to sound?

Esteban: Fuck man!!! It’s going be darker, heavier, faster and more evil than “Ominous Deathcult”. We are writing it right now. We have about eight new songs that probably will come in our first Full Length.
Actually, you can watch a video in YouTube of us playing a live show in Querétaro, where you can listen to a new Ravenous Death track.

IRW:  Do you think that online presence nowadays is important so that fans can find you more easily around the world?

Esteban: Yes, is very important, and it helps a lot. But it’s not everything about that. We all metalheads need to buy merchandise of the bands to keep Metal alive. You know, we don’t live of metal, we have jobs and need to pay our bills haha.

IRW:  Where can we find to listen, contact, or see Ravenous Death online?

Esteban: For all the people who wants to find us, we have official accounts in Facebook, Bandcamp, Youtube and gmail. Here are the links, so please take a look and follows us for news, music, merchandise and tour dates at:


IRW:  Can you please mention five bands from Mexico that deserve our attention?

Esteban: Of course, but I will take the liberty of mentioning more than five bands. And I don’t want to be arrogant, but I think our alternate projects are quite good too. So, I will include them in the list.

1.- Remains (Death Metal)
2.- Demonic Manifestation (Old School Death Metal)

3.- Grotesque Deity (Old School Death Metal)

4.- Closure (Doom/Death Metal)

5.- Nihil (Black/Death Metal)

6.- Majestic Downfall (Doom/Death Metal)
7.- Hacavitz (Black Metal)
8.- Dew of Nothing (Black/Death Metal)
9.- Matalobos (Doom/Death Metal)
10.- Anticosmos (Black Metal)

And many more to mention.

IRW:  Could you describe how is a live show of Ravenous Death, what could we expect from it?

Esteban:We think is grinding, evil, powerful and honest. You can feel our anger and energy in the stage and that’s all what metal is about. Guys, you really need to see Ravenous Death playing a live show in your hometown, you will not regret it.

IRW:  Where have you performed, what has been your favorite show, do you have any upcoming show?

Esteban: We have only performed three live shows. Two of them in Guadalajara and one in Querétaro. This last was the best!!!! Great sounding, great people, great organization and a great place to be. We salute Filideath from Querétaro and thank him for the hospitality.

IRW:  Anything else you want to add or something we forgot to talk about?

Esteban: Just remember to keep listening to Ravenous Death, buy our merchandise, follows us in our official pages and if you want to take us to play live in your city, let us know it with a message. Thanks a lot for the interview Fernando and please keep doing this kind of things. Your help and support for the bands is much appreciated. Hail to all the fans and good friends that support us and spread the music of Ravenous Death.  Stay tuned for the new upcoming material.
Thank you once again in the name of all the band members, my dear friend Fernando.

IRW: Once again, thank you very much for your time and attention, but most of all thank you for your support.

Stay True ... Stay Metal ... Stay Brutal ...

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