Infernal Execrator 'Interview'

Interview with: Lord Ashir (guitarist and vocalist)
Band: Infernal Execrator
Conducted by: Fernando G. Quiroz (e-mail)
Published on: 9/13/2018

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Hello! How are you doing guys? I’m Fernando Quiroz, editor of Insanity Remains Webzine, I want to thank you for your time and attentions; So, let's start with the questions and answers, what do you think?

IRW: - Can you share briefly some of the history of Infernal Execrator?

Lord Ashir: - Dawn of Irreligious Execration Unleashing the blasphemous might of execration in 2005 anno satanas, Lord Ashir (guitars & vox) summoned two blasphemic infernal warriors Afreet (guitars & bass) and Belial Hatehammer (drums) to form a Black/Death legion and unleash the true strength of endless satanic odium: INFERNAL EXECRATOR was born!
In 2006, after the release of the band’s debut Demo, “Thy Demonization Conquers” which was self-released (ltd. to 100 copies), “Blood and Soil” (Spain) unleashed “Thy Demonization Conquers” on pro-tape limited to 500 copies. “De Umbris Production” (Greece) re-released it in 2009 (150 copies on pro-tape), with bestial raw blood rehearsal tracks included from the EP “Antichrist Execration” (2008).
INFERNAL EXECRATOR hellcomes a new warrior, Drakon (bass) into the Infernal Legion. Due to unforeseen circumstances, both Drakon and Belial Hatehammer left the legion soon after, leaving only Lord Ashir and Afreet for the Total Plague Of Total Destruction. Some session musicians helped out on the unholy path. With the help of Christslaughter (drums) the EP “Antichrist Execration” was recorded and released by “Pulverised Records” (Singapore) in 2008 as an MCD in a Digipack, limited only 1000 copies. The tape version including a button and a patch was unleashed under the cursed banner of “Croquemort Productions” (Canada). The 12’’ MLP was released in 2011 under the glorious satanic banner of “Apocalyptic Empire Records” (Norway), limited to 666 copies (first 100 on red and black vinyl, including an embroidered golden patch).
After the blasphemous victory, Afreet was axed out due to his loss of interest. Christslaughter (BLASPHERION) and Kommando Antichristo Xul (IMPERIAL TYRANTS) were summoned into the hell formation soon as the MCD was released. A new split with IMPERIAL TYRANTS was recorded and released in 2010 under the morbid banner of “Old Cemetery Records” (USA).
Upon morbid silence due to some reason in 2011, INFERNAL EXECRATOR has once again arisen and begun their work of death. In 2012 anno execratus “6 Execrating Years of Irreligiousatanic Elites”, a compilation from raw live ritual tracks and two new goat worshipping tracks was released under the unholy banner of “Evildead Productions” (Malaysia) (100 copies). The pro-tape version was later released by “Infernal Waves” (France).
INFERNAL EXECRATOR has invoked Necroshairan (guitar) for the legion for future ritual blasphemy. The productivity level rose again: A three-way-split with IMPETUO DESDÉM and TERROR SATAN (2012, Nyarlathotep Records, Brazil) and the single “Conglomeration Goatcult Profanextermination” (2013, Apocalyptic Empire Records, Norway) are proof that the cult is still alive and raging!
In 2014, the satanic hate regiment has unleashed their first album title “Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent”. This album comes with few pressing with different artwork, photos,format & bonus track exclusively. Eastern Voice Production from Sarawak, Malaysia released the album consists of 9 destructive blistering tracks inclusive IMPIETY’s cover track from “Iblis Excelsi” Era strictly limited to 500 copies with 6 panel Digipack. First 123 copies come with an A3 poster & badge (Asian pressing). Dunkelheit Productions hailing from Germany released it with another artwork & bonus track exclusively & limited to 500 copies and first 100 comes with A2 heavy poster (European pressing). Apocalyptic Empire records from Norway unleashed the album on 12”LP format limited to 500 copies with different artwork as well a hidden track and first 100 are Gold vinyl. Rest are black vinyl. No rest and no mercy for the weak, the legion will strike again with their upcoming split releases soon and the legion has signed with PULVERISED RECORDS, Singapore for the upcoming album in 2017.
INFERNAL EXECRATOR has desecrated few rituals together with IMPIETY, SURRENDER OF DIVINITY, PROCLAMATION, ARCHGOAT & SADISTIC INTENT and the band have annihilated their execration ritual in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and a 12 dates European Tour together with NECROWRETCH in BELGIUM, GERMANY, POLAND, CZECH REPUBLIC, THE NETHERLANDS & FRANCE. 

NecroShairan has left the band due to some reason. Preparation of the 2nd Opus has began with new Warbeast from the north, Halphas D. Nihilist has joined the M.C.B.L. regiment! Be prepared for a irreligious crusade!
INFERNAL EXECRATOR Blasphemers 2018: 
Ashir - Invoker of battle summonings & Supreme 6 Axexecration ChristSlaughter - Conjurer of Eternal Doom - Kommando Antichristo - Ancient Chain Bearer of Quarternity 
Halphas D. Nihilist - Sacrilegious Shredder 6.

IRW: How would you define Infernal Execrator, a band dedicated to spread out their beliefs and worship? or; It happen that it is a band of musicians playing their favorite music style?

Lord Ashir: Execration, Death, Irreligious! A legion is formed to spread our beliefs and hatred!

IRW: Please can you describe to us how is the Singapore underground scene? do you play often?

Lord Ashir: Scene is small. Full of politics shit and groupies! Only few are real and few good bands! Nope, we only desecrate the stage in Singapore if we are invited otherwise we don’t care much about the scene and people here! 

IRW: Besides the economy/venues to play what are the limitations to grew up in Singapore as a Black metal band?

Lord Ashir: If you are true and dedicated to your band, you will against everything and sacrifice is the key! 

IRW: After thirteen years of existence Infernal Execrator, what did you want “Obsolete Ordinance” to show about yourselves? Do you want to leave a statement?

Lord Ashir: Obsolete Ordinance is merely an indication that we live by our own rules with nothing to dictate over our opinions. Each of us believed towards the path of nothingness.

 IRW:  Were you able to conceive the original idea as was envisioned from the beginning?

Lord Ashir: Absolutely!

IRW: What kind of influences have you taken, and what separates "Obsolete Ordinance" from other Black metal works?

Lord Ashir: We execrate “Obsolete Ordinance” with full power and chaos!

IRW: How would you describe the sound of Infernal Execrator?

Lord Ashir: Raw & chaotic!

IRW: Can you tell me in detail; How was the songwriting process in your latest album "Obsolete Ordinance"? What are the main differences far as songwriting from your first album "Ad Infinitum Satanic Adherent" released back in 2014?

Lord Ashir: It took me about 3 months to complete all the 8 songs and between 4 to 5 months for recording in Singapore and proceed with mixing and mastering in Sweden.

IRW: Who and where took care for the production, mixing and mastering for "Obsolete Ordinance"? Are you happy with the outcome?

Lord Ashir: Of course! Mixing and mastering were execrated by Tore of Necromorbus, Sweden.

IRW: This is a question I like to ask, if you were able to change a single thing, in "Obsolete Ordinance" just one, what would it be?

Lord Ashir: - Nothing!

IRW: What drives you as musicians to create such intense music? Would you like to venture into a more mainstream music?

Lord Ashir: Forever underground and we will only focus on that. It is within my inspiration and philosophy!

IRW: I know you just recently end up a European tour, can you tell us how was this experience? which audience was overwhelming?

Lord Ashir: European ritual was insane. We destroyed 12 dates together with Necrowretch. We are glad to met many Infernal Execrator maniacs and diehard fans! Infernal hail to them! You know who you are!

IRW: In your own words, how would you describe an Infernal Execrator live show?

Lord Ashir: Execrate with might and chaos!

IRW: How could you define the current underground movement in your country?

Lord Ashir: The underground scene in Singapore is dead! Only few are real. Seem many are more to Mp3, downloading of stuff but there are few underground killer collectors!

IRW: Are there any plans soon to release new material an EP or Split, or we should wait a longer period, to hear something from you? or; Are we witnessing the final legacy of Infernal Execrator?

Lord Ashir: Final legacy? Definitely a NO! We are focusing on 2 splits and our 13th Years Anniversary. More details will be revealed soon!

IRW: Can you see Infernal Execrator finally stand out and join the elite of Black Metal within the next five years?

Lord Ashir: Yes!

IRW: Is there anything would you like to add, or do we missed something, that you want to add or share?

Lord Ashir: Thank you for the blasphemous interrogations! “Obsolete Ordinance” CD is out and you can get them from Pulverised Records. Gatefold LP will be out in October.

IRW: I really want to thank you again for your time and support, I truly appreciate your input and insight for allowing us to get to know the Singapore scene a bit more closely, I also hope you have enjoyed answering these questions.

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